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Flexible Ductwork for HVAC Systems

hvacHomeowners of old houses that have outmoded heating and cooling systems such as those in the Northeast (such as PA, MD, NY, and NJ) find it had to keep utility costs low while controlling the appropriate and adequate temperature within their houses. The answer to that challenge is a high velocity HVAC system, which could be installed in such old houses.


A flexible ductwork network which is 2 inch in diameter that is provided by a high velocity HVAC system, such as Lennox air conditioner, introduces air quicker and better than customary HVAC systems by flowing through the narrow tubing which creates a vacuum behind the airflow, efficiently transport both cold and hot air. Such ductwork is installed effortlessly, can likewise be installed in existing duct systems, and is best for threading through spaces that are undersized. There is a minimal need for renovating a mini air duct installation since the flexible tubing can be snaked beneath the flooring, between walls, and within closet space. The mini duct design company of your choice should be veterans in installing a high velocity HVAC system and will be able to plan a trail basing on an easy assessment of your house’s current structure. They lower the upkeep costs of these old and historic houses’ integrity because of their seamless structure that will result in much less leakage and reduce the humidity up to 30% less compared to traditional air conditioning.

Typically, air handling units are initially installed first in the attic then downwards, because it is more efficient to force air from top to bottom than the other way around. Installed after this are the six to eight inch diameter tubes or trunk lines that disburse air into the small mini ducts where the air’s speed rises in velocity. To lessen wind noise, a muffler device called an attenuator is sometimes included in the HVAC installer.

 hvac 2Cost

You start with the overall costs by multiplying heating and cooling costs over a ten or twenty year period. Then calculate the costs of installing mini duct systems. Some air conditioner installation services (such as those in Lower Makefield) can be quite expensive depending on the complexity of your HVAC system. With lessened energy costs and not as much of maintenance to the furnaces, less fuel, central air conditioning units and better air quality, the savings with the installation of a high velocity air conditioning can now be seen, despite the high initial costs of installation. There are experts with radiant heating systems in Levittown, Newtown and Yardley homes and plan on a suitable high velocity duct design in Bucks and Montgomery County.

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