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Forcing Air Through Mini Ducts Saves Money

At ECI, every central air installation performed is custom designed to suit the homeowner’s needs. Many of the older homes that were built in Chestnut Hill, the Main Line and central Bucks County were designed with thick stone walls and solid foundations.

Now with energy efficiency at the tip of everyone’s minds, the challenge is to update the older, more antiquated HVAC systems with newer green technology designed to consume less fuel.

mini duct installationReplacing Your Furnace is not Required

When servicing existing units, ECI will look to install a forced air HVAC system that leverages a network of mini ducts snaked through existing larger duct work. The energy savings are impressive. Some of these properties may require a cool mist humidifier installed to help bring moisture back into the air and protect wood beams from drying out too fast. As the go to choice for heating and air conditioning in Bensalem, the team at ECI Comfort makes your experience as the homeowner headache free.

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