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Helpful Tips and Tricks to Reinvent Your Small Bathroom

When changing the look of your bathroom, you do not have to get rid of your toilet or your bathtub, or take out the tiles even when they still look great. In short, you do not have to make extensive changes to give your bathroom a new look; a few treatments can already make a huge difference and will not break the bank. This does not mean, however, that you will not make big changes if they are needed. Rather, take a step back and start creating a plan of action before you take out the key elements of your bathroom. Here are some small treatments that should make the space more attractive.


Paint your cabinets with complementary colors.  If you have green bathroom walls, consider repainting your cabinets with colors that do not match the walls. Go with shades that complement the current wall paint. This should breathe new life into your bathroom.

Accent with primary lighting changes. Replacing your glaring fluorescent light fixtures with soft overhead lighting can give your bathroom a whole new look. By adding recessed lighting with frosted energy-efficient bulbs strategically installed in corners, you can already create a stark and dramatic difference. For your mirror, put in small light bulbs along its three sides to give you enough light for applying makeup.

Add Berber rugs and runners. Your bathroom floor can get an upgrade with attractive and colorful rugs specifically designed for wet floors. Bathroom carpeting comes in various sizes and colors, and is ready made for easy cleaning in the washer. You just have to make sure that you choose rugs with colors complementing your cabinets and walls.

Paint the walls a brighter color. Most bathrooms can greatly benefit with a warm yet refreshing color like olive, yellow or light green, assuming that these colors blend well with the cabinetry and countertops. These subtle tones offer a relaxing atmosphere that any bathroom can give. Of course, you can also add accent colors to your molding, as well as window treatments. White sinks and marble counter tops in Flemington should stand out well amidst such soothing hues.


Have an attractive curtain near the tub or shower. When choosing a curtain for small bathroom designs in Hunterdon County, make sure that you take into consideration the look of your rugs. It would be a good idea to have a clashing rug and curtain. Your shower curtain should more or less set the overall tone because of the size of the area that it covers.

Reinventing the look of your bathroom does not have to be a big project. In fact, with inspiration from a small bathroom designs shop in Hunterdon County, you can come up with ideas that will only take an afternoon or two to complete. You can also contact a professional specializing in bathroom interior designs in Flemington. For bigger projects, ask the help of a kitchen and bath renovations project manager to give you some great bathroom remodeling ideas in NJ.

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