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How Landscapers Help You Avoid Problems with your HOA

When you buy a home in a community governed by a homeowner’s association (HOA), you cannot just put new structures or add plants wherever you want. There are HOA rules to follow, and that includes specific provisions concerning landscaping.

The HOA rules are there for a reason. Landscape maintenance does not just keep your property beautiful, it also ensures that the value of your home is at par or even better compared to other properties in the community.

Before you plant hydrangeas, install a fence, or look for tree removal service, you better know the rules, or you will get in trouble. To avoid all the hassle, make sure you hire professional landscaping services company that is familiar with your community’s HOA rules and are willing to work within that scope.

Here’s how professional landscapers can help you avoid problems with your HOA:

Experienced Landscapers Should Know The Rules (Even If There’s A Ton Of Them!)

Most questions of homeowners about landscaping and landscape maintenance are detailed in their HOA rules. However, no one can blame you if you don’t read them all since these rules often consist of hundreds of pages. 

We are aware of several well-established landscaping services in Langhorne that have a good relationship with the different HOAs in Bucks County. Most of them have an open line of communication with the association’s board because of projects they have done before for other residents. But be cautious, not all of the landscaping companies in Newtown have these established relationships.

We recommend the residential landscaping services you hire know the rules like the back of their hand, which will save you from all the warnings and potential fines.

Landscapers Also Know Township And County Ordinances 

Aside from the HOA Rules, landscapers should be familiar with the ordinances in your county. While your HOA provides rules for some landscape maintenance practices in your specific neighborhood, you still need to conform with the existing township ordinances.

So aside from problems with your HOA, landscapers can also save you from other legal woes.

Professional Landscaping Services Should Keep Your Property Safe

Landscapers in Langhorne will not only make sure that your lawn looks immaculate but also make sure that your property is safe. They can easily identify potential hazards that might harm you, your family, or passersby. 

From overgrown shrubs that block the view of traffic signs, cracked pathways, or dead branches that may fall on cars or pedestrians, they are trained to spot these challenges. 

A Good Landscaper Can Help Increase Your Property Value

If you are not aware of your HOA’s landscaping rules or refuse to abide by them, selling your home could be difficult. Worse, you might be able to sell your house, but the new owner will have to deal with a ton of headaches to correct the mistakes you did not properly deal with.

A savvy homebuyer will not let you get away with the expenses they incur that easily. 

The Bottom Line

Professional landscaping services you hire should understand the needs of homeowners while making sure you follow the rules set by your homeowner’s association. Same with the tree stump grinding near me you consider.

If there are issues with the landscapers serving lower Bucks County, you should be able to talk to with the management team and convey your concerns. If budget is a concern, they can guide you by the hand and identify items you should prioritize. 

Hiring the best landscaping services in Langhorne that know your HOA rules is always worth it. You can end up spending more to fix the problems created by unqualified landscaping services.

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