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How To Create Your Dream Tuscan Country Kitchen

Have you always dreamed of living in an Italian countryside with sweeping fields of lavender and olive groves? Many of the Tuscan villas I have seen feature rustic kitchens filled with old world metals, cut stone countertops and fresh produce lining the chef’s workspace. This article is about bringing a bit of old-world decor to your kitchen here in the states. Below are some tips for giving your home a classic Tuscan feel.

Start With the Foundation

To create a warm and inviting country kitchen, you need to start with some basics. Pick out some classic and elegant Tuscan features such as wood clad Mediterranean style windows and perhaps consider doing at least 1 wall with traditional plaster. Almost every Tuscan villa has healthy live plants hanging from a wall sconce or two. You can then add any customized elements that you and your family needs such as rustic wood shelving for china plates or small appliances. Exposed brick or stone work for a wall can be an attractive feature.

Mix Brown With Colorful Patterns

Choose a warm brown color stains for most of your kitchen cabinets, tables and chairs. Be sure to allow for the natural wood grain to show through. You can pick a variety of shades such as a light walnut for the cabinets and a darker chestnut for the table and chairs to keep the look consistent while avoiding monotony. If you do want to keep the same hue throughout, try adding some pops of colored ceramic tiles on the walls or or behind the countertops.

Don’t Forget the Details

Designing your dream kitchen is all about the details. For Tuscan kitchens, that means choosing a variety of textures. For the stove, consider combining a heavy range hood made of black painted metal with a backsplash that features earthy painted tiles. Exposed beams and brushed bronze ceiling lights also add to the classic country look.

Choose Living Finishes

Metal finishes usually are coated with a sealer to limit oxidation over time.  However, old world country kitchens actually show off the untreated metal. This lets them develop a gorgeous patina as they age. These living finishes look especially great on light fixtures, cabinet hardware and faucets. Best of all, every finish ages differently, so your Italian kitchen design will be unique.

Apply Aged Stone and Weathered Wood

To add a classic feel to your renovations, choose burled wood that features plenty of mottling.  You should also look for wood that has slight color changes. This also gives tables and cabinets a weathered appearance.

Similarly, a good Tuscan kitchen design includes other materials with worn looks. Stone with a distressed finish works particularly well in a rustic-themed space.

You may also want to consider strategically displaying copper cookware and ceramic pitchers on shelves and hanging from wall hooks. Terra-cotta tiles look great on the floor, as well.

Take advantage of your local kitchen and bath renovations professionals to turn your ordinary home into a gorgeous Italian villa. Combine old-fashioned materials with classic Italian kitchen design features, and your house will be the talk of the neighborhood.

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