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How to Give Your Kitchen a Rustic Italian Makeover

If you ever make a trip to the heart of Italy, make sure that you experience the ambiance of eating in a villa with a rustic and genuine Italian kitchen. Aesthetically there is a huge contrast with today’s modern kitchen settings where much emphasis is placed on the function and style of the appliances. Old world Italian villa owners don’t agree that a machine becomes more useful when it has numerous knobs and buttons. But for homeowners who are looking to create a kitchen where the full flavors of the Italian culture is brought out, rustic Italian is the way to go.


Aside from being considered as a reflection of the cook, the kitchen should also accommodate the needs, tastes and preferences of the family. A kitchen might have a beautiful design, but if it does not allow for the proper food preparation and cooking, it will only defeat its purpose. An Italian-style kitchen is one of the top design choices today. So if you are one to follow trends, there is no reason why you should not go with it.

Italian cooking centers on being filling, hearty and healthy — thick crusts of homemade bread and tasty soups are just some of the staples Italian cuisine and family culture. Stone ovens and wooden utensils are just some of the tools used in Italian cooking, which have proven to be of big help in delivering excellent appetizers and exceptional meals for centuries. After all, research has shown that the material and design of the appliances hold a big impact on the taste of the recipes. These might not be the most convenient cooking utensils and methods, but with the right cook and the right Italian methods, completely wholesome and satisfying meals can be the results.


Homeowners who are looking to design their kitchen with authentic Italian style should greatly benefit from the insights of a kitchen designer with vast experience on Italian kitchen design. Professional kitchen designers can give you tips on organizing your appliances and counter space to make food preparation and cooking easier. You can visit designers and their Italian kitchen design in Princeton showrooms to give you inspiration on the look that you are going for. Whatever design idea you have in mind, there has to be a sensible arrangement to give an easy flow from the cabinetry, pantry, counter and dining area.

Custom kitchen cabinets with rustic wood finishes combined with Italian kitchen layout ideas will create an overall visual effect that is very appealing to the eye. Kitchen designers have become very skilled in putting into the life the vision of their clients. And with the advent of the internet, looking for good home interior designers has become easier than ever. Because although the homeowner will have the final say on the overall look of the kitchen, the inspiring kitchen layout ideas of experts will be of big help in achieving their vision.

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