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Ideas for Your Bathroom Renovation

If you’re thinking of renovating your bathroom but don’t have an idea how, start to look at the newest design trends for inspiration. Read on as we take a look at the top predictions for the finishes, features and looks that will be on everyone’s radar next year. Also learn how you can work these ideas right into your own renovation project.

  1. bathFeature tiles. Statement floor tiles were popular this year, and this striking look is still predicted to be in trend next year. Its effect in big bathrooms is elegant. In small bathrooms, they add style without overwhelming the space. Feature tiles give a design opportunity for a feature wall in bathrooms with no clear walls.
  2. Natural look. Getting design inspiration from nature can warm a hard bathroom, giving space and calmness. One easy way that you can incorporate this trend is to incorporate earthy materials like wood accents and natural stone tiles. In doing so, you end up with a bathing area that’s serene and welcoming.
  3. Plant life. Many people are scared of indoor plants, but these cascading creepers can do a great job of dressing up a bath. If you want to try this trend in your bath but in a more sophisticated approach than potted plants, go with a vertical garden. They are interesting and bring a certain feel to it.
  4. slide-2Master suite. People are now wanting bigger baths that are more open to the bedroom, to show off their custom vanities, freestanding baths and beautiful basins. Many homeowners are also using big sliding doors to make it easy to open and close off a space anytime.
  5. Water control. Smart and user-friendly fixtures are all the range today, giving users more flexibility and control over water temperature and flow of the water. Double showers offer the perfect place to use this because multiple individuals can use the shower at the same time, with each one having their own shower settings.
  6. Freestanding tubs. These stunning, sculptural design elements are more than just an aesthetic; these set the mood for relaxation and rest. People want a bathroom that symbolizes their own downtime and their own space, and a freestanding bathtub inspires such feelings in the midst of their busy life.
  7. bathroom-renovation-ideas-as-bathroom-tiles-with-Various-glamorous-Appearance-for-your-appealing-Bathroom-Design-and-Decorating-Ideas-8Custom vanities. People are now looking for vanities specifically made for them and their needs, and not the mass-produced ones. The shaving cupboard is also making a big comeback. Designers today are using lots of drawers and smart organizational techniques for cabinet making, like doors that lift up and move out the way .
  8. Geometric tiles. Another huge design trend is geometric tiles. It is already popular today, but is expected to grow bigger next year. These tiles offer a great design solution for people who want to add visual interest and depth to a neutral and plain space, minus the use of bright and arresting tones.

These bathroom renovation ideas above should inspire you to give your bath a makeover to keep it updated on next year’s biggest trends. Check out a kitchen and bath showroom near you and check out these photos of bathroom designs for more ideas. You can also contact a bathroom renovation company in Central Jersey to help you achieve the look you want.

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