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Is August Too Soon to Begin Planning for Christmas?

Exciting Exterior Decorating Ideas for Christmas 2023

The sweltering heat of August might seem like an unlikely time to discuss Christmas preparations, but for many holiday decorating enthusiasts, the early bird catches the “Best Decorations” award. Planning for Christmas months in advance has become a popular trend, and with good reason. The magic of the holiday season requires careful planning and execution, especially when it comes to exterior decorating. So, is August too soon to begin planning for Christmas? Let’s delve into the benefits and explore some exciting exterior decorating ideas for Christmas 2023.

Benefits of Early Christmas Planning:

Starting your Christmas planning in August might seem premature, but it comes with several advantages. First and foremost, it allows you to beat the holiday rush. Shopping for decorations, lights, and other essentials becomes a breeze, avoiding the stress that accompanies last-minute shopping. Early planning enables you to budget effectively or schedule your Christmas light decorating company with a date that works best for you. Lastly, beginning early gives you plenty of time to research and develop a new design so your home stands out in the neighborhood.

Exterior Decorating Ideas for Christmas 2023:

Each year brings new trends and fresh ideas to the world of Christmas decorations. For 2023, consider these innovative exterior decorating ideas to make your home a festive wonderland:

  1. Winter Wonderland Walkway: Create a mesmerizing pathway to your front door with faux snow, glittering branches, and twinkling lights. Add illuminated reindeer or snowmen for an enchanting touch.
  2. Giant Gift Boxes: Ask your holiday light installers about oversized gift boxes using plywood, then wrap them with festive paper and add giant bows. These whimsical decorations add a playful element to your yard.
  3. Luminous Orbs: Try hanging large, illuminated orbs from tree branches or along the eaves of your home. They come in a variety of sizes and colors to add depth and vibrancy to your display.
  4. Projection Mapping: Projection mapping technology has been around for years but the tech has improved. Plan on casting dynamic holiday scenes onto the exterior of your home. The tech allows you to customize scenes from your favorite Christmas Story.
  5. Nature-Inspired Themes: Embrace a rustic vibe with natural elements like pinecones, holly branches, and evergreen wreaths. Pair these with warm white lights for a timeless and elegant look.

LED Lights vs. Traditional Christmas Lights

One of the most important decisions you’ll make during your exterior decorating endeavor is choosing between LED lights and traditional incandescent lights. LED lights continues to gained popularity and quality of lighting products. They emit bright, vibrant colors while consuming less electricity. For commercial Christmas lights, their sustainability and efficiency send the message that your company is environmentally conscious. On the other hand, traditional lights have a warm and nostalgic charm. They might not be as energy efficient as LEDs, but their soft glow brings a classic feel to your decorations.

Tasteful vs. Tacky Christmas Decorations

As you embark on your Christmas decorating journey, it’s essential to strike the right balance between tasteful and tacky decorations. While it’s tempting to go all out with excessive lights and inflatable characters, sometimes elegance pays dividends in the neighborhood. Choose a cohesive theme that complements your home’s architecture and your personal style. Aim for elegance and creativity rather than overwhelming your space with too many elements. Remember, less can often be more when it comes to Christmas decorations.

August might not be too early to start planning for Christmas, especially when it comes to exterior decorating. As your Christmas Light Installation partner in Bucks County, early planning helps you get a head start and first choice of decorations. Customers begin in early September and our schedule get’s very full come early November. Consider the latest trends like luminous orbs and projection mapping to make your home stand out. When choosing between LED lights and traditional lights, weigh their pros and cons to make an informed decision. Finally, opt for tasteful decorations that enhance your home’s beauty rather than overwhelming it. With careful planning, your Christmas 2023 decorations will undoubtedly fill your home and neighborhood with joy and holiday spirit.


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