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Kitchen Cabinets and Appliances for the Gourmet

Some like their kitchens super simple. Others dream of having a cooking space fit for a gourmet. If you belong to the latter, this post is for you! We’re running down gourmet kitchen appliances and cabinet must-haves to help you achieve your dream kitchen.

What’s In A Gourmet Kitchen?

Generally, gourmet kitchens are more equipped than regular ones. The goal of this space is to help you prepare dishes more efficiently and provide storage for your cooking arsenal and ingredients. Whether it’s your childhood dream to have a professional-looking kitchen complete with custom kitchen cabinets or you simply wish to improve how you cook food at home, this list can serve as your guide for your gourmet kitchen design.

Professional-Grade Range

Before you go on to choose elegant yet functional kitchen cabinet materials, you have to first tick off a big essential to any kitchen — the cooking range. If you want to go gourmet, opt for a professional-grade range that offers durability and versatility. And if you’re really serious about cooking (and baking), you should also consider getting a double oven and a convection microwave.


Properly washing dishes and pots is an important responsibility of any cook. It keeps your kitchen tidy and hygienic. For gourmet kitchens, having a deep sink is standard because it accommodates large pots. Undermount sinks are also staples. These types of sinks, which have no protruding lips and are seamlessly mounted under the countertop material, allow easy sweeping of food scraps.

Custom cabinetry

If you look at gourmet kitchens, you may notice the use of cabinets made rift sawn white oak cabinets. The grain direction matters and adds significant aesthetic value to a rather serious-looking gourmet kitchen space. Apart from choosing sturdy material, you should also go for a custom cabinetry design to cater to your unique needs. For instance, you may need separate storage for your collection of herbs and spices.

Gourmet island

Kitchen islands are space-maximizers. A double island kitchen layout screams gourmet. When cleverly and aesthetically designed, it can even act as the focal point of your gourmet kitchen. If your space can accommodate it, incorporating a kitchen island with stools or chairs help family and friends connect while the gourmet chef prepares your meal.


While many smart, stand-alone units are available in the market today, some gourmet kitchen owners also opt for a second fridge (typically placed nearby their pantry areas). Others invest in another refrigerator drawer integrated into the island for easy access to drinks and other kitchen ingredients.

Easy-to-clean countertops and backsplashes

Apart from having long-lasting cabinetry like quarter sawn wood cabinets, you also have to pay attention to the materials you’ll choose for your countertop and backsplash. From quartz to ceramic tiles, you have several options to choose from to help elevate the look and functionality of your kitchen space. You also have to consider their resistance to stain, water, and chemicals, and their ease of maintenance.

Task lighting

You won’t be able to maximize your gourmet kitchen appliances without an appropriate lighting system. Besides having a main light source, you must equip your kitchen with under-cabinet lighting and pendants to help you perform tasks in different zones within your space.

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