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Kitchen Design for the Country Home

Warm, comfortable, and inviting. These words best describe a country home. And at the heart of this residential space is a fully functional country-style kitchen. When you visit a kitchen design center, you’d observe that country kitchens tend to focus on the use of natural materials — from wooden beams, cabinets, and furniture to an accent wall punctuated by bricks. These kitchens are also characterized by high ceilings and huge windows for a barn-like feel.

Are you designing a country-inspired kitchen for your home? Here are a few designing and decorating tips, plus some useful ideas to help you out.

Take note that farmhouse sinks are a staple. A country or farmhouse kitchen design isn’t complete without that huge, deep sink. It’s not only visually striking — but it also provides ample space to cater to many sink-related activities (e.g., washing dishes and ingredient washing).

Invest in a statement island. Farmhouse sinks are just one part of the equation. Another distinctive component of a modern white farmhouse kitchen is a large kitchen island with stools or chairs. A kitchen island with seating lets you maximize your kitchen space while giving a more communal feel to your kitchen.

Bring in a farmhouse table. If your space allows, having a farmhouse table is highly recommended. More than being a place to eat, it transforms this part of your home into a wholesome place where you can forge stronger bonds with your family members and guests.

Install open kitchen shelving. If you ask any professional kitchen designer in NJ, another way to make your kitchen country-inspired is to install open shelving here and there. Bring those pots and jars out and display them on a shelf (typically made from barn wood). This will provide easy access to your kitchen essentials while serving as an aesthetic accent to your space.

Keep the beams exposed. It’s not only the shelves that are often exposed in country kitchens. If you look at the ceiling, you’ll notice that big wooden beams are also a staple in a country kitchen. They lend a rustic charm to your kitchen and can make your space even more welcoming.

Dress up an accent wall. If you don’t want your kitchen to look boring, having an accent wall is what some professional kitchen designers like to recommend. And if you’re eyeing a country-style kitchen, you have two main options: Install bricks on that wall or dress it up with reclaimed wood.

Add a few vintage elements. You don’t always have to go big when making a country-inspired kitchen. As in any place of your home, even the smallest details matter. Got a few stoneware canisters or glass mason jars? Store it on one of your open shelves. Do you own a collection of vintage country collectables? It’s high time to put them on display.

Set the mood with pendant lights. To further add visual warmth, quality overhead lighting is a must. Pendant lights are common in many country kitchens because they’re aesthetically appealing, they also act as task lighting, helping you perform kitchen activities safely and more conveniently.

Don’t be afraid to add pops of color. While the white-and-wood scheme is a popular choice in any country kitchen design center, it doesn’t mean that you can’t add bold and bright hues to your kitchen design. Especially if it resonates with your personality, don’t be afraid to paint those cabinets blue, yellow, or even a few red callouts. But if you want a tamer choice, you can add some more character to your space and spruce things up by bringing in indoor plants.

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