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Kitchen Design Trends for 2021

More than ever, families found themselves spending more time in the kitchen in 2020 than ever before. Homeowners had a unique opportunity to speculate on what they like about their kitchens and what they would change about their kitchens. Here are some of the design trends that we see emerging in 2021.

Warmer Colors

There is a keen desire to feel comforted and protected in our homes. We are seeing clients choose colors that evoke warm, cozy, and relaxing vibes. In the kitchen, particularly, this trend is seen in different ways — from natural cabinet finishes to earth-toned paint colors. 

Minimizing Cabinet Hardware

Handless cabinets. One of the best trends to emerge in recent years is having hidden hardware such as cabinet pulls and handles.. Metallic hardware we learned may be an area where contagious pathogens can be transferred from person to person. This trend for spring loaded hidden hardware also ushers in a more sophisticated seamless look. 

Touchless Faucets

Touchless and smart faucets too can help minimize the spread of pathogens. These hardened, exposed surfaces can be easily cleaned but many homeowners discovered that everyone in the house uses the kitchen faucet often and the first thing they do is touch the faucet with dirty hands. Kitchen innovators like Moen and Kohler have introduced smart faucets several years ago but the recent pandemic has boosted the sale of these items. These faucets offer a hands-free functionality that comes with a much sleeker design. 

Induction Cooktops

These easy to clean glass cooktops have become a staple in many kitchens. Not only are they energy-efficient and easy to maintain, but they are also aesthetically pleasing, super safe for the chef to use and highly durable. 

Function over Form for Storage

In a post-pandemic world, the kitchen is busier than ever. More groceries and appliances demand more storage. To keep everything organized and decluttered, more functional storage solutions are needed. Apart from floating cabinets, open shelving is also now more ubiquitous. 

Larger Walk in Pantries

Walk-in pantries are also becoming more popular these days. Often the kitchen is positioned in the back of the home along with a mud room and an area for the laundry. We are seeing homeowners convert these mudroom/laundry areas into a pantry with easy access to the kitchen. Alongside this trend, homeowners are also now more serious about investing in kitchen organizers and accessories like baskets and glass containers. 

Larger Kitchen Islands with Seating

One of the biggest kitchen cabinet design trends this year is having larger kitchen islands with storage space. With bigger kitchen islands, we are seeing the formal dining room fade away. Most of these kitchen island designs have seating for four or more.  Designing a kitchen island with stools requires a thoughtful use of space to avoid other functions islands serve.

Surprise Storage for Mini Appliances

Instapots, Kurig coffee makers, small toaster ovens and an avalanche of small appliances are hotter than ever. The challenge is finding where to put all these smaller gadgets. We are seeing more customized storage solutions that disguise themselves as typical undercounter cabinets and drawers.

One of the best kitchen cabinet designers in Mercer County shared many of these trends above. She tells us that people are now putting in more effort into kitchen and bath renovations in Central Jersey than she has seen in the last 5 years. From decorating countertops with ceramics, adding more art pieces on walls, to dedicating an open shelf for plants and cooking books — these seemingly small changes leave a considerable impact on any kitchen’s aesthetic appeal. Find a local kitchen cabinet maker near you to resurface kitchen cabinet doors if they are looking a little dreary.

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