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Kitchen Design Trends: Why You Should Not Be Afraid To Mix And Match

New kitchens have become some of the largest investments that homeowners make in their homes. After all, the kitchen is considered the heart of a home. The way you design it and keep it functional says a lot about you and your lifestyle. But if you ask any kitchen designer in South Jersey, achieving your dream kitchen can be a daunting task. There are just too many styles and trends to choose from. 

The solution? Try to Mix and Match. 

A quick look on Pinterest and Instagram would show you a host of kitchen images that feature light wood floors with dark cabinets, or white and stainless steel appliances. These two are just some of the most common mix-and-match trends that many homeowners incorporate in their kitchens. 

Here are the top reasons why you should not be afraid to combine colors, styles, and materials when it comes to designing one of the most important parts of your home 

It Widens your Options

Kitchens need to be designed with great care and attention to detail as they serve different purposes. From cooking, eating, to entertaining and even a classroom today, the kitchen has many functions. This means that kitchens should be functional, aesthetically pleasing, and safe. However, sticking to just one style can limit what you can do with your kitchen space. 

For instance, if you want to embrace modern kitchen technology, you can have more liberty if you veer away from a monochromatic white theme. By mixing white and stainless steel appliances, you can still create a stylish kitchen while keeping it functional and convenient to use. 

It adds contrast and character to your kitchen

Mix-and-match trends also give you the chance to unleash your creativity. You can be bold while retaining classic kitchen elements that are bound to be fab even after many years. This will help make your kitchen more unique to your character. For instance, you can a bright-colored refrigerator if you want to make your seemingly bland kitchen look more vibrant. You can further complement it with kitchen chair fabrics with bold colors or patterns. 

Mixing and matching can also simply mean adding appealing contrasts to your kitchen design. Instead of having both dark cabinets and floors, you can create a more aesthetically interesting kitchen if you choose for lighter colors for your flooring system — it could be white, natural blond wood tones, or even light gray. 

It can be used to spotlight certain kitchen design elements

For a kitchen designer in South Jersey, having focal points is important to prevent your kitchen from looking too overwhelming or cluttered. For instance, if you drew attention to a custom range hood, backsplash design or bold colors for your kitchen island with chairs, you can turn a lackluster design into the talk of the town. Or if you have a unique pattern for your flooring, you can elevate its aesthetics by installing two-toned cabinets. 

While it’s good to follow the basic rules of kitchen design, it doesn’t mean that you can bend them a little to add some drama to your space. No matter how you mix and match styles, colors, and materials for your kitchen, you shouldn’t choose options that diminish functionality. And that the final output is one that truly reflects your preferences and suits your needs.

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