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Kitchen Designs for Todays Professional

As the kitchen is the heart of the home, careful planning should be done to make it efficient, functional, and aesthetically pleasing to its owner’s preferences. For the in-home chef, a kitchen should be a comfortable space where no inch is wasted — and a space that can cater to their specific needs. This is also why many of them turn to a custom kitchen design company that brings their kitchen ideas into fruition. 

If you’re not yet quite sure about how you want your kitchen to be designed, this read is for you. Here are kitchen design tips and ideas suitable for today’s busy homeowner. 

A multi-functional kitchen space. Today, luxury kitchen design in NJ doesn’t just mean having top-quality kitchen elements. Now, it also involves cleverly transforming the traditional space for cooking and preparing food into a multi-functional one. It’s become a place where you can dine, enjoy a good cup of coffee with loved ones, and even work remotely. 

Quality cabinetry is a key. For a kitchen to be functional, cabinetry should be meticulously planned and installed. Having sleek kitchen cabinet styles should also be part of your checklist. But apart from that, there is a preference for more drawers that glide. You should also work on beautifying both the interior and exterior of your cabinetry. 

Professional-level smart appliances. You can further promote efficiency in your kitchen by having luxury kitchen appliances that are high end brands. And speaking of appliances, don’t neglect the kitchen sink. A hot trend for years has been extra deep kitchen sinks with motion sensing faucets. Incorporating smart technology is also advised to help you conveniently sustain your kitchen lifestyle. 

Clever storage solutions and concealed appliances. To keep the decluttered look of your kitchen, it pays to have clever storage solutions. And these include permanent storage for bulky appliances such as ovens and microwaves. Not only does concealing appliances help you save space, it also helps protect them from several air borne elements — ultimately allowing you to maximize their lifespan. 

Resorting to easy-to-clean surfaces. Non-porous materials such as glass and metal are also a staple in the kitchens of today’s professionals. As we’re living at the time of a pandemic, having easy-to-clean and non-pathogen-harboring surfaces in your kitchen should be a consideration. 

Little details mean a lot. As mentioned above, the kitchen has now become a space where many other non-kitchen activities can be done. This is why incorporating even the tiniest details to make your kitchen more “you” are now part of the kitchen design process. From installing an elaborate coffee bar to adding plants to equipping the kitchen USB ports and internet connected flat screen devices, these things matter a lot to a busy professional’s effort to personalize this portion of his or her home. 

Consult with a custom kitchen design company in NJ that understands the needs of younger professionals. Professionals like you know how advantageous it is to work with field experts. If you want your kitchen construction or renovation project to be as smooth and resource-saving as it can be, it’s a must to hire a kitchen design center in NJ. They will help you achieve the look and functionality you want for your kitchen, and even provide you access to industry suppliers and vendors to make your project more cost-effective.

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