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Kitchen Designs That Bring Families Together

Sometimes it seems that the world is conspiring to draw the members of your family away in all different directions just as you’re trying to bring them together. One way that you can help encourage your family to gather together without resorting to nagging and cajoling them is with a redesign of your kitchen. The more comfortable and inviting it is, the more likely your family will be to want to hang around rather than disappearing off into their own corners of the house.

  1. Comfortable Seating

Kitchen chairs have traditionally been wooden, straight-backed and not very inviting. It is understandable that your family may not want to linger long in the kitchen when there is more comfortable seating available elsewhere in the home. You can change that with the addition of cushioned bar stools, comfy seating around the kitchen table, or even a interactive video corner with seating.

  1. Counter Space

The more counter space you have available, the more room there is for your family members to gather together and spread out, and the more room you have to perform your meal preparations. There are a number of ways that you can increase and maximize counter space in your kitchen, even if it is small:

  • Increase the depth of your work spaces, if possible.
  • Extend cabinet height to the ceiling for more storage space.
  • Incorporate a kitchen island.

Kitchen islands are an increasingly common feature of contemporary kitchens because they can accomplish so much for you. Not only do you increase your available work space, but kitchen island designs with stools also provide additional spots to sit. If your kitchen is particularly large, an island can help break up the space, and the extra seating provides a place for the kids to gather even when they’re involved in their own separate activities, like homework or screen time.

  1. Natural Elements

Natural elements like plants, butterflies in a cool habitat just outside, grapevines, or landscape art not only make your kitchen more inviting, they help to encourage creativity in your children. Keep in mind that natural elements can be functional as well as merely decorative. For example, one of the most organic open kitchen shelving ideas involves using reclaimed wood, giving your kitchen an attractively rustic feel. Without sacrificing usefulness or efficiency, natural elements can transform your kitchen from a utilitarian space into a family room.

On your own, it can be difficult to come up with kitchen design ideas that will work with your space. Taking a look at a modern kitchen photo gallery online may help to spark your imagination.

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