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Kitchen Island Designs That You Can Dine On

Many homeowners desire a kitchen island designed for both dining as well as food preparation. Kitchen islands can create a simple alternative to a dining room without taking up too much floor space while adding value to the kitchen. As you start considering an island, consider how you want this feature to function and look. Here are a few island counter trends to consider.

Recessed Seating, Corbels, and Legs

Most kitchen islands designed with dining in mind have an overhanging surface that provides leg space and seat space without significantly increasing the overall footprint. Some overhangs do not require additional support while others have functional or decorative corbels.

Supports may be situated at the ends or middle of the island. The designer will need to factor in seating height to prevent guests or occupants from banging their knees. You can also choose a design with closed ends or open legs giving it a feel more like a table. There are also many options for shape of the seating area.

Chairs or Stools

The look and footprint of a kitchen island also depends on who is using this space. Try out chairs and stools to make sure the style you choose is easy for everyone in your household to use. The height of the countertop and seats should correspond to any physical needs. For example, seniors may require are rests for stability and children may have height limitations. Surfaces for barstool-style seating are typically 42 inches high. Don’t forget to consider the profile of the arms on any standard pub height chairs you choose. These may prevent you from tucking seating under the overhang when not in use.

Surfaces and Storage

A flat island surface can provide a simple look suitable for the center of a kitchen. Tiered kitchen island designs may be desirable for creating an area where it is easy to serve food that draws attention away from the functional portion of a kitchen. This layout may even combine a standard 36-inch high kitchen counter with a 42-inch barstool-height surface.

Moveable Solutions

Consider a moveable island on casters if you use your kitchen for a variety of purposes and want to be able to relocate the surface when you are entertaining large groups. With the exception of the wheels on the bottom, these kitchen islands can have almost any type of surface and custom cabinetry.

One or more of these dine-in kitchen designs may be right for your home. Consider moveable kitchen island designs for a compact or galley-style kitchen. If you have more space, contact a kitchen designer for big homes to determine how to make the most of one or more islands in your kitchen.

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