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Kitchen Islands That Please the Eye and The Chef

Installing kitchen islands is a popular way of making kitchens more functional. These islands add more storage areas and counter spaces to prepare, cook, and even eat meals. Not only that, but they also boost the aesthetic value of this part of your home. However, not all kitchen peninsula ideas can be successfully turned into reality. 

Because kitchen islands are typically the focal point of kitchens, they should be well-designed and optimally incorporated into your layout. Various factors also affect their size and shape — from how busy and spacious your kitchen is to how many you are in the household. 

Materials, island height, and other features are also key considerations. But to help you out, we’re listing a few of the top kitchen island features that you should consider. When executed right, all of these features can please the ordinary eye and even the chef in your home. 

Base cabinet. This is one of the most basic elements of your kitchen island design. The anatomy of a base cabinet is comprised of the framework, any electrical or plumbing components, the actual cabinetry and countertop material. To this base cabinet structure, you can design in a seating area, a handwashing station, some small appliance storage and even a wine chiller.

If you’re looking for kitchen island designs with seating and you have a huge amount of available space, in-kitchen dining can be ideal for you. It’s a built-in island that can host 2-4 stools for countertop dining. Depending on how spacious your kitchen is, you can add a couple more seats so you can do away with a separate table for your dining pleasure. 

U-shaped island. A busy kitchen requires ample preparation space. This kitchen island type provides you with just that. Because of the extra counter space it offers, you can also add some countertop appliances to make it more functional. It also provides more storage space. However, because it takes up space, this island is generally recommended for a kitchen that is already large and airy in the first place. A smaller kitchen can be designed in a U shape but probably not include an island. Perhaps some kitchen peninsula ideas would work in your smaller kitchen,

L-shaped island. If you want to have a unique island while addressing limited kitchen space, one of your options is going for an L-shaped one kitchen island with stools. Though it’s less bulky than U-shaped islands, it can still provide ample counter and storage space. 

Looking for a unique kitchen island design? Perhaps a crescent shaped kitchen island is right up your alley. A departure from the common shape of an island, this is ideal if you wish to have bar-style seating in your kitchen. Compared with the two previously mentioned island shapes, this provides more room to maneuver and go around your kitchen. 

Double-tiered island. How about a double island kitchen layout? This type of island is recommended for home cooks who want to have separate counter space for cooking and preparing, and another one for dining. If you’re fond of hosting parties and welcoming guests into your home, this is the most suitable layout for you.

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