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Kitchen Lighting for Entertaining

Kitchen lighting has become more and more important in homes because the use of this space has dramatically changed in just a couple of generations. Today, the kitchen is no longer just a place where meals are prepared. This space has become larger, and incorporates casual dining areas and may even have a few chairs and a television. Kitchen counters have become breakfast bars, islands or workstations built in the center of the room, while smart shiny appliances sit on the counter, ready to serve espresso coffee to friends and family.

Just like the other parts of your home, lighting can make a big difference in your kitchen. Set your kitchen apart with lighting that matches your style. Get inspiration by lighting in every size, shape, style and material, and then decide what is right for your kitchen. Here are the best ways to brighten up your kitchen design, whatever yours may be.


Use Task, Ambient and Feature Lights

There is an average of 23 lights per house in the US, and only half of these are actually used. Consider the lighting you choose for the kitchen carefully on how you would like see it used. There are three main types of lights: task, ambient and feature lights – getting the right balance is very important. Good lighting can transform the ambiance of your kitchen. Be careful, though, as some of your selections may go way beyond your budget.

Improve the Natural Lighting

Natural lighting should be your starting point, and recommend you use every trick in the book to get as much natural light as possible into your kitchen. This might mean skylight windows, or maybe patio doors that fold right back up to flood the room with light. The position of the windows in respect to sun exposure should figure in your plans. You might also want to consider keeping windows uncluttered so that daylight will find its way into an otherwise dark space.

Have Good Task Lighting

Good task lighting is very important. You will need it over the stove and oven area, as well as over the food preparation areas so you can see what you are doing. This may mean having adequate under counter kitchen lighting if it illuminates your workspace. Lighting within exhaust hoods is often a good idea, and even a row of ceiling track lights that can be redirected as you need them. Plan your new cabinetry layout at the same time as your lighting so you are assured more harmony.


Fit Ambient Lighting for Atmosphere

In your dining area, use pendant lighting. Ideally, hang a light or row of lights over your kitchen island. Also, ensure that this light is on a dimmer, so you can adjust it to create a more subtle atmosphere if you are dining during the evening. Go with an eye-catching pendant or pendants so you can create a focal feature, even when switched off.

Show Off with Feature Lighting

Feature lighting is all about working with the architecture of your space to highlight it. You will need to get the advice of a kitchen design specialist about what you can achieve, but the possibilities are endless so use your imagination and the wide range of lighting designs available today. You can use recessed lighting and overhead spot lights but it is important to consider your carbon footprint when making these selections. Go green whenever possible.

Search for a website that has a nice portfolio of kitchen designs online for tips and inspiration on kitchen lighting. And while you are at it, consider getting professional looking kitchen appliances to give your kitchen a complete and modern makeover.

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