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Kitchen Remodeling Ideas That Will Not Break The Bank

You are determined to make your home comfortable, relaxing, and more enjoyable. Most people want a house that not only feels good to be in, but that you can show off to friends and family. Your kitchen is one of those focal points in your home and must therefore be designed tastefully and appealing to you and those who visit.

If you are like most people, your kitchen is more than a space for the preparation of food and the storage of eating and cooking utensils. It is also a place where your family eats and talks every day. It is a place where you regularly congregate with your closets friends and enjoy other social occasions. There is no reason why its design should not reflect your imagination and playfulness. This can be accomplished through the art we hang on the walls, the flooring, wall coverings and the lighting we choose.

Here are some ideas for decorating your kitchen:

  1. Hang art

The best way to make your kitchen comfortable and cosy, even if you have painted your kitchen walls, is to strategically place framed artwork, photography from family vacations and attractive wall hangings that have caught your eye. Give your kitchen a culture shock and add some art! This will spruce up your kitchen and may even stir interesting discussions.

  1. Floor Coverings are Important

Putting down a rug runner to protect heavily trafficked areas from wear and tear can add color to the space. It also makes for a soft and warm surface for tired and cold feet.

  1. Wallpaper Is Not Dead

There is a reason why Lowes and Home Depot have a dedicated individual to help you select wall coverings. Home fashionistas may say otherwise but wallpaper is still very popular. We have seen people choose to just paper one wall or just the bottom 4 feet of a wall to create a chair rail to separate paint from wallpaper. Wall paper give you more color and design options.

  1. Wall Sconces & Pendant Lighting

Clients love using wall sconces to accentuate a wall. Recessed lighting can be used in the ceiling for the main source of illumination but accent pieces on the walls add character. Pendant lighting is popular for kitchen island designs and can really boost the kitchen appeal from above.

  1. Add a colorful appliance

One of the best ways to add life and color to your kitchen is to buy a mixer, coffee machine, or toaster in shades that are lively or bright. In vogue these days is retro colors for small appliances. Or you can choose colors that are strong and stand in contrast to the rest of the kitchen.

  1. Add a backsplash

This can create a wonderful look and feel behind a stove top or over a sink area. Marble hexagon tiles and decorative porcelain tiles are manufactured specifically for backsplashes for these purposes. I have seen a very attractive backsplash supporting a Corian countertops in NJ this month that has reinvigorated my passion for backsplashes.

  1. Hang shelves

If there is not enough storage space in your kitchen, you should hang a few open shelves in a contrasting shade to the walls they are on. This is where you can place your cookbooks or even plants and nick-knacks. Shelves not only add more space to the kitchen, but they are also decorative, and will improve the appearance of the place.

There is plenty that can be done with your kitchen. Your imagination and creativity are your only barrier to transforming your kitchen and kitchen cabinets into objects of beauty and perfection. Many homeowners opt for Kitchen cabinet refacing to lift the look of older looking cabinets. Modern kitchen cabinet design has been leaning heavily on shaker and slab cabinet doors. If the cabinet itself is still sturdy, just changing the doors may be a wise option. If you don’t want to tackle the remodeling by yourself, try to find a kitchen design boutique in NJ that can help you develop some new ideas. Most importantly, don’t take yourself too seriously and have some fun with these and other design ideas for your kitchen remodel.

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