Restoring Vintage Lamps Is Insanely Popular Right Now

Vintage lamps in good condition are in high demand these days. They can convey a strong sense of tradition and luxury while warming up almost any motif. Many hip hangouts are using them in areas designed for more intimate socializing, such as restaurants, trendy coffee shops or other social settings. You can purchase new reproduction lamps with an antique look, but somehow new ones are never completely convincing. But before you use an old lamp, you should completely refurbish it for both aesthetics and safety.

Start by Replacing the Wiring

At the very least, all lamps without a polarized plug (one blade is slightly wider than the other) should have the plug replaced. If you have the slightest doubt about the condition of the wiring, replace it; damaged wires can cause electrical shorts and potentially deadly fires.

If you are experienced with electrical repair, you can inspect the wiring; look for areas of hard, cracking or missing insulation, or wire that isn’t easily flexible. If you aren’t experienced but are relatively comfortable with trying it and the wiring is simple, there are How To Rewire a Lamp videos online that you can watch to help you do it right. If you have doubts about your abilities, find an experienced friend or give it to an electrician.

Cleaning and Restoring the Finish

Some surfaces, such as lacquer or stained finishes, can be easily damaged with the wrong cleaners. Be sure of your surface and choose the mildest chemicals; some should only be touched with a dry or slightly damp soft rag.

Some of the more common finishes may be bare metal, paint, stains, lacquer, or enameling. Unless the metal needs re-plating, most surfaces can be either touched up or completely redone at home if you have at least modest skills in Do-it-yourself tasks. Special surfaces, such as patinas and polychrome, probably will require more advanced skills.

Replacing the Missing Parts

There’s a good chance that some other parts have become damaged beyond repair or are just missing. Lamp canopies – a part necessary to attach a lamp to a ceiling – are frequently absent if you found your lamp at a garage sale or on Facebook Marketplace. Fortunately, there’s often some standardization for vintage canopies and other lamp replacement parts can be found online or even in some hardware stores. Antique lamp parts are found in some artsy shops, and even some original decorative lamp hardware shows up in these stores or at a lamp making supplies store online. Yard sales and flea markets may even have “junk” lamps with just the right part you need.

With a little research and that DIY spirit, you can rebuild vintage lamps to create amazing character in your living spaces or even your business. It also lives up to the spirit of reuse, a significant helping hand to the environment while often saving money.

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