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Modern Kitchen Ideas for the Young Professional

If you’re a young professional who owns a home that needs updating, you may be salivating over some of the images you find on Houzz, This Old House or any of the other photo galleries online. From lighting and flooring to appliances and storage, there are many ways to modernize your kitchen. Here’s a closer look at four popular modern kitchen ideas.

1. Flooring

Today’s modern kitchens feature flooring that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and durable. Porcelain tile, natural stone, hard wood veneers and ceramic tiles in varying colors and textures provide long-term function and durability while complementing your other design choices, such as countertops and cabinets. If you’re more interested in a rustic look, you might want to consider wide-plank wood flooring. If you love to cook and entertain, spending many hours in the kitchen, make sure you choose a flooring that gives you the underfoot support and the comfort you need.

2. Countertops

Countertops provide your all-important workspace where you get your food preparation done. Marble and granite countertops are the popular modern choices, particularly in white, grey and black colors. Their natural beauty, durability and easy-to-maintain surfaces make them well-suited to the rigors of food prep but also wowing your guests. As with flooring, you have a world of colors and styles to choose from. Consider pairing white marble countertops with white and glass cabinets for an ultra-modern monochromatic look.

3. Cabinets

Whether you plan on replacing or updating your cabinets, sleek kitchen cabinet styles immediately modernize your space. Clean, crisp lines and neutral colors are the hallmarks of a modern kitchen, and they translate well to cabinets. Consider white cabinets with shaker style doors for form and function, for example. Also, think about minimal or hidden handles and hardware that promote clean, sleek lines. If you’re interested in updating your cabinets but would rather hire out the job to a professional, search online for a reputable kitchen remodeling contractor that does refurbishing of cabinets in your area. For example, search for “kitchen cabinet painting in NJ.”

4. Storage

Proper storage allows you to modernize your kitchen by keeping non-essentials and clutter off your counters. Kitchen islands are a great way to create both work and storage spaces. For example, kitchen islands can incorporate some or all of the following features: deep sliding drawers for nesting pots and pans, built-in wine racks, open shelving for cookbooks, storage for smart appliances, bar-type seating, and cutting boards. If your kitchen layout doesn’t support an island, perhaps there is an off kitchen pantry area that can be reconfigured for more storage.

If these ideas appeal to you, search online for “modern kitchen photo gallery.” You’ll find some additional ideas and details to help you transform your kitchen.

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