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Notable Kitchen Trends of 2016

As Bob Dylan once sang, “the times, they are a changin’”. Such a sentiment seems to ring true as each new year begins, whether in relation to the most desirable cars to drive or bob-dylanthe hottest styles in clothing stores. Trends also affect the areas of homes that people use most, such as kitchens. If you’re thinking about changing your kitchen, there are many reasons to go ahead with pursuing a new look:

  • Boost your home’s value
  • Make the kitchen more usable
  • Expand the area to entertain more guests
  • Stop tolerating something about your kitchen’s look you’ve never liked
  • Make the kitchen more accessible for a disabled or elderly person

Regardless of your precise motivations behind doing something different with your kitchen, it’s a good idea to stay abreast of some emerging trends. Then, you should feel more informed about the possibilities that exist and be equipped to make good decisions about how to improve your kitchen.

Muted Color Schemes

Although bold, bright colors were all the rage during previous years, the same isn’t true now. White is a characteristically dominant hue for today’s kitchens, probably because it offers a fresh, clean appearance.smart-kitchen

However, if you’re not down with the idea of variations of white as your main shade in the cooking area, consider other muted colors such as grey, pale blue, pastel yellow and soft greens. They’re becoming trendy and work well as accent colors, so you could use them to draw attention to areas of the kitchen that are mostly white.

Multi-Purpose Kitchens

In some homes, the kitchen is a distinctive space away from other living areas. However, perhaps your kitchen is near the family room and you’d like to reduce the jarring disconnect between the two spaces. Interior designers say it’ll be popular this year to merge kitchens with living spaces.

With that development in mind, it’s probably no surprise that interior experts also say kitchens will become more high tech this year. Expect to see a larger number of sleek, built-in appliances, and maybe even custom kitchen cabinets with designated sections where people can charge their smartphones, integrate them into smarter kitchens and the kitchen lighting ideas that we see on the horizon.

Hopefully this list has provided some food for thought as you figure out which kitchen improvements would best enhance your lifestyle. Take the next step by contacting the kitchen designers in Somerset County and seeing if some of them are willing to come to your home and give estimates for the kinds of renovations you envision. The sooner you do that, the easier it’ll be to excitedly think about your kitchen enhancements and the opportunities they’ll provide.

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