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Once The Tree is Removed – Grass or Gardens Grow

When a tree is sick or badly hit by a storm, hiring the right tree removal service in Bucks County is a must. However, you may also need this kind of service when your tree’s canopy hinders the growth of the plants shaded by that tree.

How Shady Landscapes Affect Plant Growth

In elementary science, we’ve learned that sunlight is an essential factor in the growth of plants. Photosynthesis must take place. It is the process where plants use sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide to create oxygen to fortify the air we breathe.

Having shady landscapes can be really tough to deal with from the homeowner’s perspective. Many landscaping companies in Bucks County comment that too much shade can negatively impact how well your gardens grow. Without adequate sunlight, your plants will start to lose their natural color, drop their leaves, and experience stunted growth.

Shady landscapes also struggle with moisture control. Either too damp or too dry. Either way, it’s not healthy for your plants. Like sunlight, too much or too little moisture can stress your plantings out and negatively affect their development.

Why Removing Some Trees Matters

There are different tips and tricks that landscaping companies in Bucks County use to manage shady landscapes. These include:

  • Selecting and growing plants that are more suitable for your growing conditions
  • Mulching to help keep the soil moist enough to allow proper plant growth
  • Trimming your trees periodically to minimize shade

But if you’re looking for a more straightforward and cost-effective solution to combat heavy shade, getting rid of the source of that shade is key. The actual process of removing tall trees can be too dangerous for the average homeowner. We recommend you call professionals who offer tree removal and landscaping services in Langhorne.

Once trees are successfully removed, you’re not only getting rid of the shade that hinder plant growth. Additionally, you’re opening up a space where you can plant more — and allow your new (and more mature) plants to receive their much-needed sunlight. This often results in you having a thriving garden that’s more refreshing to look at.

Hiring Professional Tree Removal Services

As mentioned, removing the trees yourself is quite challenging. When you hire professionals who specialize in removing trees and landscaping combined, you can benefit from the following:

A wholistic approach to tree removal and what to do with the land below the tree.

The right tools and equipment to tackle this job.

Expertise in plant selection, garden development, land management and drainage challenges.

Creative eye for adding decorative elements (e.g., rocks, bricks) to guarantee that your newly revamped garden does add aesthetic value to your property.

Maintenance services to maintain the upkeep of your garden

An old saying goes — when one door closes, another one opens. In the case of landscaping, once a tree with a heavy shade is removed, a beautiful garden blooms. And for you to do just that, hiring the best tree removal service in Newtown is a must.

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