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Perennials That Make a Garden Blossom

Long-blooming perennials make life enjoyable for homeowners who love color. You can achieve a continuous sequence of blooms by carefully choosing and planning to use plants that flower in sucession. Most perennials bloom for a short time but if you design your garden wisely, you can keep the colors coming. Planting perennial flowers that bloom for longer periods is a better bet if you are limited on space and resources. Plant any of these workhorses in your garden and they will continue to delight your senses. Garden Designers Bucks CountyBut take note that, just like all plants, some work is required on your part.

  1. Garden Phlox – Come July, this is a staple of the garden. It blooms all summer and continues the display in fall. But if you grow a traditional variety of this plant, you’ll have to tolerate powdery mildew disease on the foliage. There are hybrids that are mildew-resistant types.
  2. Stella de Oro – A kind of daylily, Stella de Oro is valued as a compact plant. Just like yarrow, it requires very little care. This daylily blooms early in the season and thus complements the other entries in this list.
  3. Shasta Daisy – Daisies are a summer metaphor and you will love the festive spirit created by Shasta Daisies. It’s hard to contemplate a daisy and not come away with a sunny outlook in life. More than just eye candy, these are tough plants that belie their delicate appearance.
  4. Russian Sage – For a tall plant, the Russian Sage has nice tall spike with tiny blooms. This long-blooming perennial is very showy, in a very tasteful and elegant way.
  5. Yarrow – Along with lavender, this is one of the herb plants among Yarrowlong-blooming perennials. Yarrow is widely used medicinally before modern medicines. Today, people are now more interested with its beauty and low maintenance.
  6. Lavender – We tend to associate lavender-scented sachets, potpourris and linens with class. A nice touch in a home, it’s very easy to get started. Even people without any interest in plants grow lavender because of the way it brings class to the landscape.
  7. Ice Plant – At the northern end of its range, ice plants are not the easiest to grow. But if this plant survives the winter in your area, take advantage of it and grow it. The ice plant boasts unusual leaves and vividly-colored flowers.
  8. Coneflower – Like most flowers on this list, coneflower is tolerant to drought. Plant this in a sunny location and let it bloom throughout summer with minimal irrigation. Also, this plant can tolerate poor soil.
  9. Moonbeam Coreopsis – There are so many things that you’ll like moonbeamabout Moonbeam, including its bushy growth habit, drought-tolerance and thread leaf foliage. This is a long-blooming perennial that features bright-colored flowers that can cheer anyone up.

You can get a continuous sequence of blooms without being professional garden designers in Doylestown. If you hire a garden and pool landscaping services to do the work, request the liberal use of perennials in your gardens. You can do well with long-blooming perennials with less effort. In no time, your garden will be filled with colors. When looking for more tips and ideas on landscape design for homes in Bucks, visit this photo gallery of landscaping ideas.

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