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Selecting Hardware for Kitchen Cabinets

Handles, knobs and hinges might seem like small insignificant details, but they can have a huge impact on your kitchen décor. Give your kitchen cabinets a quick facelift by replacing outdated hardware. Stylish cabinet hardware can give older cabinets a new look while giving the finishing touch on new cabinetry. Choose the perfect hardware for your décor by considering a few important elements.


Tip #1: Choose hardware that accents your cabinets

Accent dark wood with brass, chrome, stainless steel or brushed nickel. Light colored cabinets give the perfect background for copper, enamel or bronze, giving your cabinets a unique antique finish. Metal hardware with a satin or highly polished finish can be adapted into a contemporary decor. Oil-rubbed bronze suggests a more old world style. Consider enamel and glass hardware for a Victorian home. Glass is also available in sleek designs to accent a contemporary setting.

Tip #2: Select the shape of your hardware

Knobs are attractive and functional for solid wood cabinet doors but small ones are usually not substantial enough to pull out heavy drawers. Rather, install handles on the drawers. They should fit your fingers comfortably to allow for easy handling.

Tip #3: Consult with a contractor or a knowledgeable sales person

Ask your contractor which hinges he believes will work with your doors. If your doors are flush with the cabinets, you can purchase attractive butt hinges. They are often cost effective and easy to install. European hinges can be installed on full overlay, frameless or inset doors. They are widely used because of their ability to be adjusted once they are in place. These hinges self-close, when gravity or a spring are working in your favor. Partial wraparound hardware will support larger doors, but it does not self-close. The construction of your door, ease of installation and price will have to be considered when deciding on the right hinges.

Tip #4: Decide whether to install door catches

Door catches secure your doors while they are closed. Magnetic door catches are more commonly used. When your door closes, a small metal plate on the back of the door attaches itself to a magnet on the cabinet frame. You will hear a slight clicking sound as they make contact. Two other styles that give smooth operation are spring-roller catches and friction catches. These types of catches are silent when they latch.


Tip #5: Count the number of knobs, handle and hinges you need

Determine the amount of cabinet hardware you will need to purchase and decide on your budget. You will find cabinet hardware varies greatly in price. Big box stores offer attractive, economical lines, while the custom stores offer high end designer styles for a higher price.

If your are replacing existing  hardware you may have to consider the drill holes already in place if you wish to minimize the need to drill more holes. If buying replacement hinges, take one with you to the store and match its style. If the hinges do not fit properly, doors will not hang or function properly. Ensure the hinges you choose are designed for your particular door style. Often a little under counter kitchen lighting can highlight the accents you have added to your cabinets. Many kitchen designers add value to your discovery process so don’t be shy to consult with your designer.

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