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Showing Off Kitchen and Bath Ideas in a Showroom

Because your showroom can be the biggest investment in your business, it should show off your value and professionalism to your patrons while setting you apart from your competition. Considering this, when you design your showroom, you need to make sure that your brand image is well represented. You may not be the only kitchen design showroow a client visits but you do want to be the most memorable. Read on as we talk about the best way to design a showroom.

Kitchen-And-Bathroom-Remodeling_04First Impressions and Visibility

The last thing you want to do is frustrate potential buyers with the difficulty of locating your business. If you have not acquired a location yet, try to identify a stand-along building that is clearly number with signage that is close to a major highway so it is easy to find. A parking lot is a major plus so visitors don’t have to fight for parking spaces, which happens in typical shopping centers. From a large showroom window, perhaps visitors walking by can see an attractive kitchen display that will immediately draw you to the entry. Walk in visitor should always be welcomed.

As you enter the showroom, your professionalism should shine true with a warm greeting but never obtrusive from an aggressive sales person. Pushy sales people will turn off a shopper of high ticket items like a kitchen or bath makeover. Allow a smart decorator to consult with you with a goal of drawing in patrons using design, décor and a certain flow to the room. Save your more elaborate displays for the middle or back end of the showroom.

sharp-apartment-bathroom-bedroom-dining-room-kitchen-favimcomShow off your best design work in your showroom, just in a smaller scale. Consumers all have different color visions that they find attractive. So each countertop should offer a color & material swatch book that shows the clients that most materials have the flexibility they may be interested in. Kitchen islands with a pot rack with hanging stainless steel pots or uniquely-shaped pendant lights can really draw attention. At the end of the island can be a couple of counter height chairs to show off your ability to design areas that includes a social element.

Cabinetry displays, varied finishes and use of specialty materials should be a focus area without being overdone. The use of stainless steel appliances and a hiding dishwasher will also be a draw. Company Profile and Vision

As your client enjoys the ambience, your representative should introduce themselves and offer the visitor a beverage if possible. Always ask permission to ask some questions about a project. This is a disarming gesture will win confidence 80 percent of the time. If you see that she is talking down notes as you talk, showing interest in what you are saying, please press on with deeper questions about materials, colors and their vision

Desert-Palm-Dubai-13-800x531Displays with a Theme

An Italian kitchen design is always a hit. Many homeowners like the country kitchen look with modern twists and upgraded materials. Features like marble counters to match the same colors in a tile backsplash, or a white porcelain sink with a gooseneck metal faucet and matching metal cabinet pulls are very fashionable these days. The goal is to strike a balance with your best design with most common requests. Too over the top with your design will scare patrons. We don’t want to do that.

A combination of these touches separate your kitchen and bath showroom from the other three showrooms that you have visited. By portraying a war friendly experience combined with a superb location, stunning kitchen and bath design, your sales and profits will soar.

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