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Smaller Galley Kitchens That Have Style

Older homes and smaller properties often have galley style kitchens. They usually consist of two parallel counter spaces that form a hallway of sorts down the center. Essentially, your kitchen is laid out in one straight line. It’s usually more efficient but often tighter than a rectangular configuration that has been so popular with cookie cutter style homes. Smaller kitchen designs often need to be more organized than larger kitchens. There’s less walking space to work with for sure. This also means less storage space and therefore the kitchen cabinetry designer needs to be well thought out.

A Typical Galley Layout

The most common galley style kitchen design is one in which the refrigerator is on one end, while the oven and range combination is on the other end across from a pantry. The sink and food prep area go in the middle on opposite sides. For smaller kitchens, you might want to stagger the sink and cooktop to give two people room to work. Ideally, the refrigerator is on the same side as the sink.

Splurge on Appliances

In a galley kitchen, you can put a bigger portion of your remodeling budget into smart appliances for kitchens to get the most use out of your smaller space. Perhaps you can invest in a smart refrigerator that offers a screen on the front for watching recipe videos and helps making a shopping list easier. Consider appliances that go under cabinets instead of on the counter to save space.

Open the Space Through Thoughtful Planning

You’ll want to avoid making your kitchen feel like a small space. Cabinetry should be efficient wall units and shelving instead of tall cabinets that go from floor to ceiling. You’ll want to choose lighter wood colors with a high-gloss finish that will reflect the light and make the kitchen feel more open. Doors and drawers without handles will make the space look cleaner. Plus, you won’t be bumping into them whenever you turn around. As with any kitchen, you’ll want to ensure that you’re getting plenty of light. Large windows that offer plenty of natural light can give the illusion of more space.

Purge Useless Gear and Appliances

Most people have kitchen cabinets filled with appliances they rarely use. In a galley kitchen, space is a precious commodity. Go through your tools and kitchen gear. Look at what you really use when you’re preparing the bulk of your meals. Storing a pasta machine when you only use it once a year is probably not a good use of space. When your cupboards are less full, you become much more efficient in your food preparation.

Smart Kitchen Design Makes Your Life More Comfortable

When your galley style kitchen design is well thought out, it makes cooking more fun. Smaller kitchen designs need to be tackled by a kitchen designer that has some experience and can be a bit tougher than some of the larger kitchen designs we see. The younger crowd are really into smart appliances for kitchens but you would need to be considerate of the rule, less is more.

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