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Solving the Most Common Gas Furnace Problems

Using either natural or propane gas, gas furnaces heat an enclosed area. One of the biggest advantages of such method of temperature control is that gas is known to burn clearer than the oil in oil furnaces. Because of this, mechanical problems arise less frequently than when using oil furnaces. And when they do arise, they are usually easer to diagnose and faster to repair.

96627711Gas Furnace Problem #1: No Heat

If a gas furnace gives no heat at all, the problem is mostly brought about by a defective fuse, faulty thermostat, closed control valve, or an extinguished pilot light. To correct this, open the control valve so gas properly flows through. Repair or reset the thermostat, replace or adjust the fuse, or light the pilot flame.

Gas Furnace Problem #2: Insufficient Heat

When a gas furnace generates heat, the amount of temperature or heat is inadequate at times. Both of these problems can occur if the setting on the thermostat is too low, the lower belt is damaged, the blower is blocked or the filter is too dirty. Correct this problem by raising the temperature setting and either cleaning or replacing the dirty part of the blower.

Gas Furnace Problem #3: Erratic Heat

Once the motor or blower gets too dirty, or the filter or blower becomes clogged, the furnace can switch on and off too frequently which can lead to erratic heating. You can fix this problem by lubricating the blower or motor and cleaning the dirty areas. If such irregular heating is related to a faulty thermostat heat anticipator, accordingly reorient the adjustment.

Gas Furnace Problem #4: Pilot Issues

Pilots that do not light are mostly brought about by no gas or a clogged pilot opening because of a closed or insufficiently open valve. Clear the blockage, adjust the gas valve, and light the pilot flame. Should this not work, see if the thermocouple is damaged or its nut is loose, or if the flame is set too low. In this case, tighten the nut, replace the thermocouple or set the pilot flame to at least 2 inches. At times, a defective pillow can be the reason in electric surfaces. In this case, contact a HVAC contractor in lower Bucks or a heating repair service for Holland for the necessary repairs.

furnaceGas Furnace Problem #5: Gas Dangers

Gas leaks and carbon monoxide buildup are potentially deadly hazards if not immediately tended to. While many gas furnaces produce a negligible amount of carbon monoxide during normal operation, it is essential to have a functional carbon monoxide detector to signal if the amount of carbon monoxide present has reached a harmful level because of a faulty furnace. Should this happen, exit the building immediately and contact a heating repair service in Holland PA to deal with it.

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