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Steam Shower Designs That Take Your Breath Away

You don’t have to go out and visit luxury spa destinations to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Some of the top bathroom design companies can help you bring a spa-like experience to your home by incorporating a trendy steam shower design to your bathroom. 

Fixtures Are Hidden Behind Walls

Steam showers are hugely popular among our clients. Though it can look like an ordinary shower stall, it’s actually a steam room that provides a soothing and warm environment for its users. One of the best benefits is all the plumbing and heating units are hidden behind walls and under the shower stall.. 

Design Ideas

Here are some of the best steam shower designs you can try for your bathroom remodeling project. 

Sauna Inspired Designs

Sauna-inspired steam shower. Saunas are a great place for relaxation. Its design is characterized by the use of horizontal wood planks and white tiles on the wall. To complete this look, you can also add a huge wooden bench for added comfort and convenience. 

A Domes Steam Room

Travertine-domed steam room. If you want to have a unique steam shower experience, you might want to consider an ancient bath-inspired design. It features a domed ceiling and benches that are placed in front of each other. This is a great idea if you wish your steam room to be communal. 

Steaming With a View

Steam shower with a window. When choosing a steam shower design, you have to consider your bathroom space. One trick to help make your bathroom more airy even with the presence of a steam shower, is to add a window. Adding a bench in the wall where the window is located is also recommended. 

Comfortable Seating

Steam shower with an ergonomic bench. Speaking of benches, you can also opt for a design that showcases an ergonomic bench for extra comfort. There are steam room benches that are designed to provide proper spine support, which proves to be useful if you want to really relax while sweating it off. 

Don’t Forget Your Feet

Foot tub-equipped steam shower. If your space allows, you might also want to add a foot tub inside your steam room to give you the ultimate experience. Want to show off how your steam shower looks? Install the tub behind a clear and frameless shower door to have a full view of how your steam room looks like. 

A Relaxing Massage

Massager-equipped steam shower. If your nature of work brings you too much stress, you might want to consider equipping your steam shower with a water pulse massager. A modern steam shower like this can also be packed with other features like LED lighting, a ventilation fan, and an FM radio. 

The Smell of Relaxation

Aromatherapy steam shower. For clients who are particular about bathroom smells, having a steam shower with aromatherapy features is highly recommended. With the help of essential oils, you can make your shower steam experience healthier and more soothing. 

Have Your Own Ideas?

Custom steam shower designs. If you have a specific shower steam idea in mind, opting for a customized design is the way to go. Whether you want more features or a floating bench or a look that melds contemporary and natural wood elements, personalization will give you more freedom. Only a few bathroom design companies in NJ have experience with steam shower installations. Ask some pointed questions about experience level and gain testimonials before committing to a bathroom design center in NJ to start the project.

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