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Strategies from Lighting Designers to Blend Art and Illumination

Light plays a crucial role in our physical and emotional world. It affects how we react to various pieces of artwork. Museum, building lobbies and even the walls of a cruise ship leverage various types of lighting to highlight the artwork that adorns their walls.

The Intelligent Use of Lighting to Define and Enhance Art

Investing in fine art involves more than just collecting it. Museum curators and architectural lighting experts study lighting rules to museum-lightinghelp shape how artwork can benefit from shadows and color in combinations that natural light cannot illuminate sufficiently. Illuminating color in fine art often is one of the most challenging tasks for any lighting designer. Artificial light casts a noticeable spectrum that is distinctly different than natural light. As a result, certain color combinations applied by the artist may be undetected in various settings using artificial light and perhaps shine through under filtered sunlight. The three basic strategies used by lighting designers to illuminate art include:

  • Simple. One way to ensure that your lighting system offers accent illumination is to highlight pieces of fine art.
  • Standard. A typical approach to lighting design after determining space utilization is providing a blend of localized and general lighting techniques.
  • Sophisticated is another method for lighting design that is more involved. By focusing on a combination of simple and standard accent illumination for highlighting, the human eye can reflect and absorb various longer wavelength light frequencies that may accent blues, purples or shorter frequencies that help see hues of yellow and reds.

Producing the right lighting design is essential to emphasize your pieces of fine art. We know of a few home lighting designers in New Jersey that specialize in highlighting artwork by using the sophisticate strategy suggested above where an average lighting consultant for homes tends to lack the experience required to highlight fine art.

Superior Design Strategies

home-art-galleriesBy blending wall accents, specialty trach lighting, and even furniture colors, you can create an elegant, deep, and rich mood appropriate for appreciating fine art. So if you own some expensive fine art, we recommend you carefully select the lighting designer in New Jersey that want to work with you. The Light Gallery in Hopewell offers professional lighting design for Hunterdon County homes. As suppliers of some of the world’s finest lighting manufacturers, they can blend art and illumination into your lighting experience and enhance the unique atmosphere of your home’s private fine art collection.

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