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Tips for Designing a Kitchen for Young Professionals

The kitchen is one of the most important areas to design with convenience and style in mind. With the right design, prepping food, cooking, and cleaning is easier than ever. If you are a young professional, before moving forward with your plans to design a new kitchen, there are a few tips to keep in mind to ensure your satisfaction once the remodel is complete.

Clean and Crisp Edges

One of the most prominent staples of a modern kitchen includes sleek new cabinetry, simple counter-tops, and a layout with clean lines. A modern kitchen designed for young people on the move often includes recessed hardware for cabinets, hidden hinges, and a minimalistic design. Minimize clutter in small spaces with modern storage spaces. Clean and crisp edges in a kitchen layout also helps to present a much larger and more open space for guests and for you while you are cooking.

Choosing the Right Colors

Most young professionals are moving fast but want to create an elegant and modern kitchen to entertain with when they do. Choosing the right colors for the space you have can be a key ingredient to your overall satisfaction. Avoid choosing dark colors in your kitchen such as red and blacks if you have a galley style kitchen area. Opt for colors such as white, light grey, or pale wood colors for a more natural and earthy aesthetic to give the appearance of more space. Select colors that are timeless and work well with any type of decor and accessories you have in mind. Soft colors and off whites are more versatile with most types of furniture and d├ęcor accents and will help to increase a home’s value over time. Avoid choosing extremely bright colors or cabinets and counter-tops that require a specific color scheme for optimal results.

Working With Smaller Spaces

When working with smaller spaces, smaller kitchen design options are numerous. With a smaller kitchen, consider vertical storage and cabinetry to maximize the area you have available. If possible, installing a kitchen island with additional storage below is always a great option if you have the space., Smaller appliances can be stored in the kitchen island cabinetry if you go that route. Smaller kitchen are often found in homes built before 1970. Here we recommend you find a kitchen designer for older homes to help you work within the structural limitations these homes have.

Use Smart Appliances

The younger generation of professionals enjoy using smart appliances for modern kitchens they are developing. Smart appliances range from traditional food processors, coffee makers, crock pots, and smart microwave ovens that can do anything regular ovens do. We have seen wine chillers that look like a small cabinet, intelligent toasters that never burn a piece of bread and the InstaPot multi cooker that combines 7 other appliances into one unit. So kitchen designers for young professionals need to be aware of all these appliance trends so they can help design modern kitchens that include space for these smart appliances and the power outlets they will need.

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