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Turn your Bathroom into a Spa

Towel, aromatic candles and other spa objectsToday, people use bathrooms for more than just taking baths and brushing their teeth. Many are actually using bathrooms nowadays as spa alternatives, where they can relax and enjoy some peace and quiet after a long day. By implementing a few simple and not-so-expensive redecorations, you can actually take the extra step and give your bathroom a more spa-like look and feel.

  1. Give your walls a warm, inviting color. Bathrooms often have bright walls. While there isn’t anything wrong with this, this has to change if you wish to make your bathroom look more like a spa. Colors such as red, white, jewel tones, and deep browns give your bathroom a more relaxing and peaceful atmosphere.
  2. Add some Candles. When choosing what candles to add, make sure you try to put those of colors and scents that would complement the atmosphere you’ve begun creating for your bathroom. You may also opt to use battery-operated candles instead of genuine ones to ensure the safety of children and/or pets if you have any.
  3. Leave slippers and robes hanging on the wall. Wearing comfortable and fluffy slippers and robe adds to the relaxing feel of your pseudo-spa. These items are common in spas as well, and they add a bit of pampered and comfortable feel for people who go to the spa. Adding these items in your bathroom for you to use surely increases the spa-like feel you’re trying to give your bathroom.
  4. Prepare and hang some large, fluffy, comfortable towels. Details matter when trying to complete your bathroom’s transformation into a spa. One of the most important details you need to change is your towel. Instead of using your regular, run in the mill towels, give yourself a more pampered feel by using huge, fluffy towels that wrap around your body.
  5. Add some music and water features. Now this takes just a little bit of spending. You can add water features such as an indoor water fountain, or maybe a miniature one, and add a bit of music to your bathroom. Also, make sure the music you play complements the spa-like atmosphere you’re trying to recreate in your bathroom.
  6. Add some plants. Plants are a good addition to your spa-at-home bathroom. Pick the kinds of plants that can grow even under artificial lighting only and can survive humid areas. You can ask your local plant shop for great suggestions. Alternatively, you can use plastic ferns which you can either hang somewhere or place it on your bathroom counter.

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