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Types of Wood Used for Custom Cabinets

When you shop for cabinets, the type of wood used is just as important as the overall look and finish of the cabinets. Consumers can buy cabinets that are ready-to-assemble (RTA), semi-custom kitchen cabinetry or custom cabinets and in each case you can dictate the types of wood you would like to use for your cabinets. Custom cabinets offer the largest selections of wood types, and price fluctuates based upon supply and demand. Below is a list of wood types that you may come across in your quest for the perfect cabinets for your home.

  1. White-Custom-Cabinets-Traditional-Kitchen-DesignPaint Grade – Paint grade wood can consist of a wide range of lumber quality. Many cabinet companies that apply a painted finish might even use particleboard or MDF instead of solid wood. The most common paint grade woods are maple, poplar and birch.
  2. Oak – Oak just might be the most popularly used wood for cabinets. Many contractor-grade cabinets and economically-priced cabinets are made of oak. This wood type is available in more than 200 species is grown all around the world. The most common oak finish for cabinets is Honey and Natural. Oak is a dense, strong wood that can accept stain well and hold up to everyday use.
  3. Pine – Pine is available in three versions, yellow, white and ponderosa. White pine is easy to work with and easily accepts stains. On the other hand, ponderosa requires special attention because it might still have resin concentrated in the wood. This wood is great for giving your home a rustic feel.
  4. Maple – Maple is another popular wood type that can be found in various species. This is most common in RTA cabinets as it grows abundantly in China and most RTA cabinets are manufactured in China. There are over ten maple species that come from the United States so there’s a wide variety. Maple is easy to work with and easily accepts stains. It can be finished in any color, from Chestnut Glaze to Honey.
  5. lCherry – Cherry is mostly used in mid-priced to higher-end cabinets. Its unique feature is it gets darker with time, following a light stain application. As the wood is exposed to sunlight, over the years, it will change to the red-brown color many people associate with antique cherry furniture.
  6. Bamboo – With the call to going eco-friendly, more and more cabinets are now made with bamboo. It is a hearty plant that grows quickly, but it has to be veneered over another wood as bamboo doesn’t grow thick enough to cut into planks. Today, bamboo is only found and used in custom shops throughout the US.
  7. Mahogany – Mahogany provides a very rich look with its red-brown color. Aside from some exotic wood types, this is one of the most expensive options among the common wood types. Mahogany accents stain really well, although it’s not a very strong wood.

Whether you’re updating your rental unit or building a modern kitchen, there are so many wood types to choose from for your wall cabinets for the kitchen. Choosing a wood type that you prefer for your semi custom kitchen cabinetry is just as important as choosing the kitchen designer for your Princeton home. Keep this article handy when you find yourself shopping for custom kitchen cabinets in NJ.

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