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Typical Dry Type Transformers That Reduce Voltage

Anyone working with electrical power understands the importance of transformers. Being able to step down a power supply to a more manageable current that is easier to work with is one of the key factors of using electrical power. Transformers come in many different “flavors” – distribution, zig-zag, single-phase, plate, three-phase, isolation, and so many more. When power engineers are working on a project and need to reduce the voltage for a specific purposes or piece of machinery, there may be a need for a transformer to “step down” the incoming current to that proper voltage. The configuration design for the right power conditioning equipment to use requires an electro mechanical expertise.

stepdown-smallSolving power issues is what a power engineer has been trained for and some thrive on complex power problems and solve them for customers across the country. Probably the best place to find an answer to your question is to seek out a manufacturer of custom electrical transformers who employ top notch talent. In your inquiry process, find out if the organization is ISO 9001 certified indicating that quality is a front line focus across the organization. You want to make sure that the solutions you are provided will stand the test of time, are properly crafted to address unexpected power surges or disruptions and can be serviced should there be an unforeseen challenge that requires maintenance. An organization that is certified ISO 9001 has already gone through a rigorous process to ensure they will follow quality standards and maintain a strict code of ethics in business.

Power Magnetics Inc recently celebrated 45 years serving the power industry, and has been ISO certified for much of that time. Quality, of course, is a prime concern for any business, and Power Magnetics is no different there – they understand that to stay relevant for constantly changing business and industry needs, you have to constantly re-invent yourself and adapt. They concentrate resources for ongoing education and training so the quality, leadership, and management consistently move forward along with their growth.

T2.kdhXBFXXXXXXXXX_!!52370547Performance is the key, though, at the end of the day. You need your product(s) to perform at peak levels at any particular time. The custom electrical transformers that are produced from Power Magnetics are “Built Like the Brooklyn Bridge” any are recognized as a leading provider of step down transformers in the market and they guarantee their power conditioning equipment they make. It is elegant engineering that takes these dry type 3 phase transformers and iron core inductors over the top for reliability and performance. Just because it is a tough, hardened, abuse-taking piece of power equipment doesn’t mean it can’t also be a work of engineering art. It is this kind of forward thinking that sets Power Magnetics apart from all the rest.

All elements of the product you need can be fully customized – cores, windings, enclosures, finishing and everything is completely tested to make sure it will do what you need when you need it. When you are looking for custom power transformers in NJ, look no further than Power Magnetics Inc. for a high quality piece of power conditioning equipment.

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