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Upgrading Your Kitchen Cabinets Will Rejuvenate Your Entire Home

Why do people instinctively gravitate to the kitchen when visiting friends and family?  As if it is baked into our DNA, most homeowners lead their guests into the kitchen, do you? Is your kitchen presentable? When renovating a home, the kitchen is often the key focus for most people.

Upgrading Cabinets Can Transform a Kitchen

Great looking kitchen cabinets add value to a home. The actual styles of cabinetry vary greatly, and it is wise to not rush into these decisions. Ideally, consider hiring a kitchen design expert to help you create the atmosphere that takes full advantage of your kitchen’s personality and matches your lifestyle. This kitchen design photo galley breaks the styles down to three basic categories.

  1. Modern Kitchen Designs
  2. Traditional Kitchen Designs
  3. Transitional Kitchen Designs

Within in each you will find several sub categories but for this post we will keep to these 3 basic categories.

There’s Quite a Few Ways To Determine Your Style

Stripped to its essentials, your kitchen style should usually be bright and airy. However, there are many ways to achieve this, and your choices will dramatically impact the results.

Wood veneers used on cabinetry suggests a modern feel that is very trendy today. Smooth sleek lines, hidden hardware depict modern kitchen cabinetry for minimalists and aging hipsters. The more traditional style of natural wood grain, contoured woodwork and polished metal hardware are considered very classical. Be sure you buy the highest-quality custom made cabinetry. Most people are very savvy today and can recognize the cheap stuff with a glance. With either style, the right materials are essential and skilled installation to ensure a nice fit are important.

Lacquered cabinets offer a high-gloss and a very glossy finish but can be hard to clean and maintain. If you’re careful with cleaning and the lacquer is applied correctly, this finish can really lighten up a kitchen. White painted kitchen cabinets are still trending right now and we don’t see that “mister Clean” style ending any time soon.

Stainless steel is sleek and modern and is even being used successfully in traditional kitchen styles. Most contemporary designs use at least some stainless steel and professional decorators often recommend it as the central theme for high end effects.

Two new trends are natural materials for walls like bamboo and cork. Brick, stone, wood and various cloths weaves are being used for warm traditional looks. A custom kitchen design company  can help introduce you to unique designs, and cabinetry with modern styles create a cutting-edge feel to the room. Brass, copper and iron are also making a comeback for a slightly warmer look than steel.

Ideally, do your research and have some ideas to discuss with your professional interior designer before contacting them. There are so many options that matching them to your needs can be bewildering, but at least you can get a feel for what’s trending. Ultimately, they will be able to advise you regarding the best contractors to hire.

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