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White Kitchen Cabinets with Dark Wood Floors

When designing kitchens, many want to achieve a clean-looking space. After all, it’s where you prepare the meals you serve to your loved ones and guests. Nothing screams clean louder than white kitchen cabinet materials.

Though white cabinets pair well with almost any flooring system, you should consider opting for dark wood floors. A dark floor kitchen has many advantages:

They add contrast to the space

They hide imperfections and debris

They age well

They make your kitchen feel elegant

They are easier to repair and touch up

Various Shades Of White To Choose From

One of the best kitchen cabinet materials out there is solid hardwood. But apart from the material itself, you have to consider the color of your cabinetry.

Note that your cabinets take up a lot of visual space in your kitchen. If you want to go for a white kitchen, here are some of your options:

Off-white. Want to create a cozy, farmhouse-style kitchen? Select a cabinet color that exudes off-white warmth. Off white cabinets have hints of yellow (or brown), giving your space a rustic feel.

High-contrast white. If your vision is to achieve a high-impact, immediately striking design for your kitchen, pair your dark wood floors with high-contrast white cabinetry. They can make your space feel airier and brighter.

Gray-tinged. Not a fan of super white colors, but still want your cabinets to have a bright hue? Cool gray cabinets are for you. They look sleek, modern, and cool. Just be sure to pick a flooring system that has a darker shade that blends well with cool gray.

The Kitchen Is Your Canvas

Is it your dream to have a dark floor kitchen with white cabinets? Once you are decided on flooring and cabinet colors, kitchen décor accents are easier to choose from. There is so much you can do.

As mentioned, you can go for a farmhouse kitchen where wooden beams are exposed, and butcher-block woods serve as your countertop. White cabinets with stainless steel appliances are always an in look. Elevate the aesthetics of the common elements of this kitchen design — such as distressed woods, wrought iron, and soft fabrics.

If you want to incorporate old world metals and modern finishes, white cabinetry works well with a copper farmhouse sink. Brass hardware and decorative metal cookware is also a very appealing look.

You can even be as eclectic as you wish. Try adding splashes of color through your backsplash, and lighting fixtures — and let their colors pop without your cabinet having to compete with them in terms of optics. You can go retro or resort for an industrial vibe.

The versatility of white shaker style kitchen cabinets allows you to have more liberty regarding the theme and styling of your kitchen. 

However, keep in mind that you should  source your cabinets and kitchen floors with the help of a kitchen designer near you and a local kitchen cabinet maker. It is important to support your local suppliers of products and services. We are not big fans of large, big box stores and the quality of service you will find there.

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