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White Oak Vs. Other Hardwoods for Kitchen Cabinets

Just like fashion trends, kitchen design trends also come and go. With this in mind, many homeowners find themselves unsure of which kitchen cabinets are worth investing in when renovating or building a completely new kitchen. Are you currently debating whether white oak kitchen cabinets or any other hardwood cabinets are the best choices for your modern kitchen? Take a sigh of relief because here are a few good reasons why white oak is a favorite among local cabinet makers.

Unmatched Durability

White oak scores an impressive 1360 on the hardness scale, making it more durable than many other hardwood options for kitchen cabinets. Its durability make it a great choice for custom kitchen cabinets in NJ because it can go through a lot of wear and tear without showing signs of damage. Kitchen cabinets are one of the most used kitchen components. Using a durable hardwood cabinet with a sophisticated look, such as white oak is the perfect balance of design and functionality. 

Beautiful Natural Grain Patterns

Years ago, oak grain patterns weren’t sought out or considered beautiful. Oak cabinets were seen as a less expensive flat cut option which typically comes with cathedral grain patterns. Today this conception has changed. Thanks primarily to custom cabinet makers who strive to educate homeowners on modern oak kitchen cabinetry styles using natural hardwoods. 

Quarter sawn oak cabinets have a straight grain with some flecks of a cross-ring growth, making it one of the most beautiful hardwood cabinets in the market. 

Very Versatile

White oak cabinets can be used in different ways in the kitchen. Its light and fresh color make them the perfect addition to any modern kitchen. Meanwhile, with the help and skills of a local kitchen cabinet makers, white oak can replace old, drab, and boring white cabinets in older kitchens, providing the kitchen with the warmth and character it needs to be appealing and inviting. 

Homeowners who want their white oak cabinets to stand out and have a unique natural look can choose to stain the hardwood rather than painting. This will ensure the cabinets will fit into a light wood theme of your kitchen. 

A Timeless Trend

There was a time when bold warm red colors were the biggest trend in kitchen cabinets. However, the days of using red and honey oak wood have come and gone and it doesn’t look as if the trend is coming back anytime soon. This is a common risk with going for a bold kitchen cabinet aesthetic. While there’s nothing wrong with that, sometimes more neutral colors are better. 

Thanks to their mild and soft hues, white oak kitchen cabinets are considered a timeless gem. They provide the best and most unobtrusive backdrop for unique and colorful kitchen focal points, allowing the accents to fully pop and grab the attention of anyone walking into the kitchen. 

The next time you’re contemplating updating old kitchen cabinets, put white oak at the top of your list. These neutral cabinets will surely stand the test of time, and if the trend does move away from light colors, there is always an option to stain them a darker color in the future.

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