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Will These Kitchen Appliances Fit Under Your Tree?

When it’s time to update your kitchen, you want to invest in the highest quality replacement appliances. If cooking is one of your passions, why not give yourself and your family the gift of a chef’s kitchen for your home? These high end kitchen appliances will take home cooking to the next level, giving your loved one the best tools available so he or she can cook comfortably and make complex recipes with a professional flair.

Bring Style With a Freestanding Range

When you choose a stovetop for your kitchen, be on the lookout for gorgeous high end kitchen appliances that will enhance your kitchen’s appearance and provide innovative cooking technology. Viking specializes in kitchen ranges and offers sophisticated finish colors in Antique White, Graphite Black and Dark Blue. The brand has the latest technology and burners that give you complete control, with high heat capabilities that can boil quickly or offer the gentlest amount of heat.

The brand currently has a limited edition black Rose Bold range with rose gold details, perfectly on trend. This is the ideal gift for a family member who loves cooking and appreciates serious equipment. Though it won’t fit under the tree, recipients will love this high-tech gift anyway.

Stay Festive With a Wine Refrigerator

For wine enthusiasts, a refrigerator designed specifically to preserve wine is a lifesaver. Since they are designed specifically to keep wine in prime condition, you can trust one of these with your vintage or rare bottles. Choose between the undercounter options, if your collection is modest, or add a full panel refrigerator for an extensive collection. Sub Zero offers refrigeration that fits anywhere from 46 to 147 bottles.

Keep the full flavor intact with protection from heat, light and humidity that can damage wine. Will it fit under the tree? Probably not, but undercounter models are compact enough to store next to the tree with the other large gifts.

Get Modern With Induction Cooktops

Induction cooking has the benefit of only heating pans and pots, making it a good child-safe option. Since only the necessary part of the cooktop are heated, cooking is a little faster and easier with induction, and the smooth surface is a lot easier to clean.

Miele offers the perfect induction surface for your luxury kitchen design, in a variety of sizes so you can fit induction in with the rest of your kitchen. They come with advanced settings and easy to use controls that won’t get in the way of your cooking. You could probably fit this sleek panel under the tree, but installation should be part of the gift.

This holiday season, spoil the chefs in your family with luxury kitchen appliances that look as sophisticated as the rest of the kitchen. You may need the help of a passionate kitchen designer who owns a kitchen design company in NJ to pull off the installation process for you.

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