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Wood Cabinets That Won’t Break the Bank

Semi-custom wood cabinetsFor home improvement projects in the kitchen, updating cabinets can be as simple as switching out the doors and staining or repainting the cupboards, or as big a task as totally replacing all the kitchen cabinetry. The type and style of cabinets you choose mainly depends on the size of your kitchen, the appliances and your individual preferences for customization.

Know the Common Wood Materials

It is important to understand the various types of wood used to make cabinets and how much is composite material vs solid wood. Here are some of the composite materials used in cabinet making.

• Plywood. Many thin layers of wood glued together and the sturdiest option
• MDF. Sheets made from finer wood bits, a good middle option that resists warping and is budget friendly
• Particleboard. Made of compressed wood scraps and is the least-sturdiest choice

You will find many affordable cabinets combine composite material with real wood doors.

Pick Semi-Custom Cabinets Over Custom

Custom solid wood cabinets are the most expensive choice because they are built specifically to match the style and size of your kitchen. For bigger renovations, consider choosing cabinets that are semi-custom for a look that won’t break the bank and is unique to your kitchen. Semi-custom wood cabinets come in an extensive variety of styles and can be ordered in your particular choice of wood and dimensions. They also provide you the opportunity to select hardwood door fronts and drawers with a strong dovetail construction.

Think About Style

The door style you pick will define the appearance of your finished kitchen considerably. Many homes are built with standard doors that have either an arched panel design or rectangular panels. If you want a more contemporary look, consider choosing aluminum frame doors with frosted glass inserts. Many kitchen cabinets feature doors with a standard overlay, exposing the cabinet frame in the background because the door edges are not flush. Another strategy for updating your cabinets is consulting with a kitchen cabinets designer for ideas unique to your home. Most kitchen designers in central Jersey we have consulted with were very knowledgeable about wood types and finishes.

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