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Young People Prefer Kitchen Designs With Clean Lines

What is chic in one part of the country will be different than what is fashionable in another part of the country. Trendy urban kitchen designs for young professionals in New York City will differ from younger trendsetters in Miami or Houston. The minimalist movement is sweeping the country but geography and what your local friends are doing in their kitchens has a big influence on the decisions younger homeowners are making. Young adults are gravitating toward living by the “less is more” principle. We are seeing evidence of the minimalistic preferences by the popularity of cabinetry with sharp clean lines, lacquered finishes and an industrial appearance found in kitchen magazines and Pinterest boards.

Why Clean Lines?

Clean lines are popular with young people because of a rebellious spirit to move from traditional styles. First, they stand out sharply with their geometric edges and simplicity. Clean lines in cabinetry are an easy way to make a bold statement that moves away from the ornateness a parent’s kitchen design preferences. On the other hand, they can also easily fall into the background and allow another part of the kitchen to shine through, such as a new stainless-steel chef-style cooking range or an elaborate backsplash. At one point not to long ago, custom crafted kitchen cabinetry was the star of a new kitchen.

The creation of more open space continues to be on the rise too. Stark neutrals such as glossy black, matte finishes for whites, and dark gray are common color choices due to their contrast with stainless steel and bold accent colors.

In addition to improving the kitchen’s look, the sleek style also offers more practical use of cooking space. Clean lines provide a better fit, maximizing available space and allowing for more functional countertop space. This layout encourages you to keep the area tidy so that you’ll want to show off your modern kitchen instead of keeping it hidden due to clutter.

Where Should Clean Lines Be?

The easiest and most effective way to establish clean lines is through sleek kitchen cabinet styles. Cabinetry takes up the most surface area of any kitchen. Even if the kitchen island designs has stools around curved countertops, the clean lines of the cabinets will still make the minimalizing statement.

You can match the minimalist cabinets with other décor that will complete the clean design, such as counter-depth refrigerators that don’t stick out as far as traditional fridges do and polished countertops made of elegant granite.

On the other hand, you can mix modern kitchen cabinetry for minimalists pendant lighting accents and décor to create a transitional feel. Here is a modern kitchen photo gallery that shares several styles of kitchen cabinetry blended with pops of color. This entails combining traditional and modern styles for a truly unique appearance.

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