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Your New Kitchen Colors: 7 Things to Consider

There is no doubt how functionality is a top priority when designing your home’s kitchen. But imagine having a cleverly assembled kitchen whose color scheme doesn’t seem to work out. If you’re working on your kitchen’s aesthetics, you will find yourself thinking a lot about color. Such as, which color should your gourmet kitchen appliances be? What countertop color suits white cabinets best? 

In this article, we’re discussing seven tips for selecting the right color palette for your kitchen. 

Decide on a theme. The theme you want for your kitchen primarily affects the way you select your color scheme. If you’re going for a farmhouse-style kitchen, you’d mostly have whites and natural browns. If you want it to have a retro appeal, there’s a need to have pastel hues of yellow and turquise colors. Contemporary and industrial themes, on the other hand, feature dark hues and metallic accents. 

Pick a color for your cabinet first. Cabinets take up much of a person’s visual field when entering any kitchen. This is why it makes sense to start with cabinets when selecting colors for your kitchen. Many homeowners opt for white cabinets because of their versatility. However, if your kitchen is a busy one, choosing darker ones (like black, gray, or dark brown) can minimize dirt, fingerprints and other blemishes. 

Keep countertops neutral. Apart from cabinets, countertops also have a substantial visual impact. If you are looking for kitchen countertop ideas with white cabinets, you’d mostly find designs whose countertop colors are neutral tones. This provides flexibility both in the short run and in the long run. If you want to repaint sometime in the future, neutral-colored countertops can be easily paired with different color choices for other surfaces. 

Select appliance colors that blend well with your cabinets. The color of your essential and gourmet kitchen appliances should complement the look of your cabinets and countertops. For example, soft white cabinets typically work with white, gray, or black appliances. If your kitchen has dark cabinets with light wood floors, stainless steel appliances may work better. 

Add character through your backsplash. As mentioned, countertops are typically neutral in color. The backsplash is your opportunity to add character to your kitchen. Depending on the theme you have for your kitchen, you can keep it neutral but with richer textures or you can opt for patterned or bright-colored tiles. 

Look at the bigger picture. Apart from the abovementioned, you have to consider the colors of your walls and flooring system. If your kitchen is small in size, choose a color palette that will make the space airier and larger. If your kitchen is spacious, consider adding an accent wall that may serve as a divider between a dining area. If your kitchen will be used extensively, you may wish to choose dark- wood flooring to disguise scuff marks. You should also take lighting into account as it can affect the way colors are perceived. Dark palettes need to be well-lit, for instance, not to affect the functionality of your kitchen space. 

Inject your personality into your kitchen. When consulting a professional, you should make sure this kitchen designer is using a virtual kitchen design program that allows for color visualizations. For example, if you add personalized decors, the color of the decorations you should choose should work well with the overall look of your space. If not, you can alter colors long before you lift a paint brush. Take advantage of the most popular kitchen design photo galleries and these websites tend to feature trendier color combinations.

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