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The Various Workmans Comp Coverage

Workman’s comp coverage usually includes rehabilitation expenses, medical care and disability benefits to make up for wages lost during his leave from work. As such, a person who suffers from an injury related to work can receive benefits from the employer’s worker’s compensation insurance. Of course, the injury must fit the criteria covered by the insurance coverage provide by a reliable carrier. In worst cases where an employee dies on the job, his dependents will receive death benefits.

And so, let us discuss the types of workmans comp benefits that are present in all policies, even with a low cost business owners policy. However, do remember that each state or nation may have its own version of the requirements and rules regarding the compensation.


In the event that a worker needs physical therapy after acquiring a job-related injury, the rehabilitation benefits of the company will take care of the expenses. Typically, the insurer uses an accredited occupational health center. Further, the insurance company will pay for rehab and training in order to help the worker become fit to go back to work.

On the other hand, if the worker cannot return to his former job after sustaining the injury, his rehabilitation benefits can cover evaluation, educational assistance, retraining and paying for other expenses to make the worker fit to resume work, albeit in another department.

Medical Care

Workmans comp medical benefits typically include medical expenses and bills for treating an injury or an illness. Depending on the place, the details for what are included may vary. However, doctor visits, medical procedures and medications are usually covered. In some instances, special medical equipment, therapy, counseling and alternative therapies may also be included in the coverage.

However, some forms of alternative therapy may be difficult to include in the coverage. As such, injury sufferers who may want to undergo experimental or investigative therapies might meet roadblocks in getting approval for those expenses.


Disability benefits will pay an employee for lost wages while he was treated for an illness or injury.

Disabilities are grouped into four categories:

  1. Permanent or
  2. Temporary
  3. Total or
  4. Partial

The compensation that a worker can receive is based on his income before the accident or illness. Typically, he can receive two-thirds of his normal wage. Then again, some states impose that an employee waits for some time before he can collect disability benefits.


Death benefits like funeral and burial expenses are given to the persons related to the deceased employee and who are financially dependent on him. As such, the spouse, child/children, parent or sibling of the worker will receive the compensation. Additionally, they may also receive payment for loss of financial support. Just like with disability benefits, this depends on the wages of the employee at the time he sustained the injury.

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