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Voice (VoIP) and Private vs. Hybrid Cloud Storage

VOIPAsk any business today if it uses a managed services provider, or MSP, and the answer will most likely be yes. In fact, the blended IT environment that prevails these days is constantly asking their MSPs to do more, and many MSPs have risen to the challenge. It is important to remember that your typical business need may not fit neatly into a box. Chances are your IT managed services provider will develop a customized solution for you. Some data is more sensitive than other data, and some processes include considerations such as ecommerce, mobile websites, content management and customer relationship management software. Here is a look at two services, VoIP and cloud storage, offered by MSPs that help businesses remain flexible.


VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, enables people to use their broadband connection to make calls. No traditional phone line is needed. Some business VoIP providers in NYC and elsewhere offer a range of services that allow for constant connectivity for many of the Internet of Things devices to remain connected. Some limit calls to international customers that require larger packets of data like video calls, but other providers let their clients call any phone number, whether it is local, long distance, international, or a cell or landline number. This flexibility can be and the differentiator for some companies. VoIP adapters can enable older phone technology step into the mainstream without investing too much in hardware. Many services integrate VoIP into apps and browsers, so you can conduct video chats while browsing webpages all through one data connection.

Cloud Storage

There are three basic types of cloud storage: private, public and hybrid. Private cloud services are built and accessed with the help of your VPN service provider. This is frequently done for added security through a 100 gigabit Ethernet connection, and for many businesses is not feasible because it requires a hefty investment and highly qualified IT professionals. Public cloud services are much more affordable, as a third party is responsible for developing the infrastructure and frequently for providing technical support. Public cloud services can also offer service on a large scale. Security is a main disadvantage of public cloud services, as data is stored outside of a company’s firewall.

Enter hybrid cloud storage. It enables a business to benefit from both the private and public environments. For example, a business may opt to use public storage for much of its data that is not sensative. For particularly sensitive information, however, the business could use private cloud storage that remains protected by encryption. No matter what, it is important that both the private and public clouds integrate well. Ease of integration is an important asset to look for in IT managed services. Otherwise, you risk having two cloud environments and a lot more work and effort.

When you are seeking hosted VoIP providers in NYC as well as companies to manage your cloud storage, it is well worth investigating businesses that can do both.

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