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Why Hosted VOIP & The Questions To Ask Providers

A hosted VOIP service is an advanced phone solution for business, made possible by Internet Protocol technology. It is often a cloud based service that enables a business to connect preconfigured VOIP phones to a cloud IP, using the WAN (Wide Area Network) network belonging to the company.

Quick Set-Up

Using a hosted VOIP or PBX service has many advantages, especially for medium to larger-sized businesses. business-voipFirst of all, hosted VoIP phone systems are easy to install and configure. Another advantage is the reduction in the cost of managing the system by having it hosted by the VOIP service provider. You always have the option of configuring your phones manually, but the preferred option is to let your system connect to a DHCP server automatically to receive IP addresses. Your provider will also give you the option of purchasing your phone hardware from their affiliate partners, although most providers will be able to support a VOIP phone system purchased elsewhere.

Choosing a Provider

Since businesses today are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of using a hosted PBX service, competition among business VOIP providers has also increased. If you are looking for a new provider, you have a wide array of options to choose from.


Ask these providers you are interviewing about the processes they have in place to ensure that service is not slowed down or interrupted by internet traffic or at peak usage times. A business’s phone system is in many cases its lifeline, that can cause costly business interruptions if it fails at any point; be sure your service provider is fully aware and committed to providing quality service. Make sure the provider you choose is able to explain in detail the backup mechanisms it has in place.


Probably the most important factor any business owner will take into consideration is the pricing for a hosted VoIP service. Look for a consistent and predictable pricing structure that offers you full value for your money. No business wants to end up getting nickel-and-dimed with surprise additional fees.

The best VoIP for business phone system provides the reliability of an always on connection, seamless integration into an existing network, and affordability. This is especially important for medium and large business, which tend to have a multitude of phone lines and extensions, all of which a crucial to the business’s operation. With many hosted VOIP providers in NYC, versatility is always important.

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