Indexable Cutting Tools That Machinists Love

Professional machinists know that using the best tools is imperative to achieving quality results. You can’t expect to see a quality product when you’re using low quality equipment. Across most sectors, cutting is an integral function of industrial machinery, and choosing the right cutting tools can be just as difficult as it is important. This is especially true when dealing with computer numeric control machinery. Fabricating products with precision rely on your use of the right tools for your equipment.

Versatility and Precision Combined

When choosing a cutting component for your platform, you need to take into account the material characteristics of the metal or substrate you are working with. You also need to think of factors such as cut size, depth and hardness of the substrate—not all cutting tools are compatible with the CNC cutting equipment you might be using. A reputable SGS tools distributor will sell cutting tools that can handle any of the following materials:

  • Metal Alloys
  • Plastics
  • Composites
  • Wood
  • MDF
  • Aluminum

Versatility is key when it comes to choosing the best cutting tool. Just as important as versatility is precision. So if you are using micro tools for swiss machining for example, the swiss screw machines should be fully equipped with properly calibrated firmware and software for precision cutting.

Best Indexable Tools for CNC Machinery

You have two choices when you’re shopping for CNC cutting tools: solid and indexable. Indexable cutters feature a steel exterior that can accommodate a range of carbide inserts. Solid cutters, by contrast, necessitated that the entire cutter be removed in order to sharpen it. Still, not all indexable tools are created equal. So what are the top indexable cutting tools sold by a CNC cutting tools distributor?

  • Fly cutters: This tool creates an impeccably clean surface by moving across and rotating clockwise
  • Face mills: Creating a flat area is easy with this tool when its rotating blades are applied to a surface
  • End mills: End mills are ideal for cutting away large portions of material in one fell swoop with their cutting flutes

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