Milling Tools That Make the Machinist

The right milling tools can make all the difference. If you’re unhappy with walking drills, inefficient chip loads or damaged tooling, it’s time to pick up the milling tools that can make you a better machinist. Check out a number of manufacturing suppliers and distributors to better compare the dynamic milling tools today to see how you can improve your machining process.

Custom Tool Holders

Without the right tool holder, you’ll never reach the level of precision and tool lifespan you want. Solid end mill holders reduce the loss of concentricity, while drill chucks make it easy to swap out tools quickly. Pick up a variety of tool holders or order a customized component to fit your machine and your tools.

Reamers and Taps

Even the best drills can’t always give you the finished look you need. Finish off that brass, aluminum, Inconel or stainless steel workpiece with taps and reamers. Whether you need threads or a smooth bore, these tools are crucial for creating a completed piece.

Twist and Center-Spotting Drills

Compare drill bits from an industrial tool supply company to find the best drills for your machining application. If your tool holder alone isn’t preventing walking, use a center-spotting drill. Be sure to choose high speed steel or solid carbide twist drills that are designed for your workpiece material.


Milling is an essential part of many machining processes, so invest in a quality set of machining tools and indexable end mills to perform the job. Here are the basic types of mills you may need on the job:

  • Slot mills
  • Face mills
  • Side mills
  • Plunge mills
  • End mills

Face mills typically come with removable cutters that can be sharpened with an abrasive belt. This not only improves the lifespan of your mill but also allows you to customize it for different applications. An abrasives products distributor can help you choose the right belt and stones for your tool sharpening needs. Using the right mill is key to keeping your machines, tooling and workpieces at the cutting edge of machining precision.

Fly Cutters

Create a vibrant surface finish with a fly cutter. This machining tool supplier in PA can share with you expert advice about fly cutters. A good fly cutter can also polish and smooth the surface material to a great finish. The clockwise rotations of this small tool helps create the finish you need.

Choose Quality Milling Tools To Improve Your Machining

Don’t let a missing tool hold you back from high quality machining. Whether you’re the owner of your own shop or creating precision components for a large, local business, find the tools you need at a reliable manufacturing industrial supply company. Prepare your equipment for your next project to keep your workpieces at the forefront of your industry.

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