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Flood, Fire and Smoke: Do you have a Disaster Recovery Plan for Home?

As in most places across the United States, disaster for a Philadelphia homeowner often strikes when you least expect it. All smart businesses have a disaster recovery plan in place and it is a good idea to design a plan for your home as well. Your mental condition immediately following will naturally resort to emotional extremes and you will not be able to make rational decisions during a crises without a carefully developed plan to rely upon.

Water Damage Preparation

A flood can be a terrifying event for homeowners and business owners as it damages property and can jeopardize human lives.  Should a flood occur, it is important that the electricity and gas mains are shut off. The last this you need to be concerned with is creating another disaster like a fire. Wear gloves, goggles and boots as protection before entering the flooded area. Try to move all valuables and other possessions onto upper floors or other elevated areas. Ensure that everyone particularly children will not go near to the water as water conducts electricity and may be deadly. Your plan should provide for storing preserved foods, flashlights, dry clothing, medicines and other necessities in a water resistant container in an elevated location but readily available should a flood occur.  Contact information for the water restoration team you selected should be either in this container or available at a moment’s notice. Rapid response to have the water extracted will help prevent mold production and cause further property damage.

Fire Damage Preparation

Fire damage

Fire is the most devastating catastrophe t hat can happen without any notice and if not responded to quickly, can cause severe devastation to your home and possessions.  Knowing where your fuel source valves (Gas Valves) are and keeping fire extinguishers close to heating systems and in the kitchen is a must for your planning. When possible, quick response to turn off all valves in case of a fire should be a first impulse. NEVER place your safety or that of another individual in jeopardy. Most municipalities have an emergency services (911) phone system in operation and you should be prepared to contact emergency services as soon as you believe there is that need. Do Not Hesitate! Then get out of the house if you are not already. Leave the phone off the hook for the 911 team to use that call signal for tracking purposes.

Smoke Damage Preparation

Smoke damage

Smoke is always a component of a live fire and on occasion can do more damage to a home than the actual fire. Fire may be devastating but cleaning smoke damage is te dious work since the smoke particles are airborne and often penetrates into cracks and crevasses of walls, floors and your furniture. If inhaled, it can become a primary cause of serious injury for all indoor fire victims as the compounds of smoke from fire are highly lethal. Sealing a structure’s floor boards and door gaps may reduce smokes impact on your belongings in other rooms of your house. There is very little you can do to prevent the damage caused by smoke. After the actual fire has been put out is when you can asses smoke damage and begin the smoke cleaning process either yourself or hire a professional smoke cleaning service.

Disaster Response by Professionals

Once you evaluate the situation it is time to make up your mind to call for professional services or tackle the project yourself. There is a handful of responsible and professional disaster response team in Newtown and fire, flood and smoke cleaning service in Bristol, Twp .  We may also want to employ a service for water extraction company in Mercer County to remove all the water caused by flood and that had been used to fight fire. Most of these services are also trained to remove toxic chemicals and other dangers caused by flood, fire & smoke. Having a disaster plan in place prior to your catastrophe will help you process these situations more effectively. Always remember, think and act quickly to ensure your safety and of your family.

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