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Flood, Smoke and Fire: How to Combat and Prepare For Recovery

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Calamities like fire, flood or smoke can occur any time without giving prior notice, even in United States. It is always clever if we develop a disaster recovery plan to guarantee that we will always be ready in case it happens. A disaster plan is simply an action plan that you’ll carry out if a calamity or danger affects your home and family. In Philadelphia, having a disaster plan is of little use and a waste of your time if you do not implement the plan. Having all members of the household practice the disaster plan is very important if you are going to minimize the time it takes for you to gather.

Preparations Needed After Disaster

The flood and other types of calamities give massive damage to the people particularly living in the flood prone area. Flood is one calamity that anyone would not want to experience as it causes devastation of valuable property especially to our homes. You should know that less than half of all incidents concerning flood is declared to be a disaster and the people who are affected by it. One of the biggest dangers after a flood is growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria. So what can you do to prepare yourself and your family in case of flood? First, there are a few things you need to do even before any flood is expected. Pay attention to weather warning and if you hear a storm or flood is likely, move and protect any valuable belongings upstairs if possible. Second, turn off all the electricity and gas pipes to guarantee your safety when you go near the water. Third, prepare canned goods, medicines, first aid kit, flashlight, clothing and other amenities you needed. Fourth, look for a safe place to stay while waiting for the rescue team. Fifth, always get all the emergency contact numbers especially for the water restoration team you have chosen. Do what is necessary to ensure your safety and of your family.

It’s every homeowner’s worst nightmare: a fire that endangers the safety of their family, and ravages their home and belongings. Fire damage restoration is not an easy task, especially when the house to be treated has serious smoke damage. Smoke fire damage is a big problem that needs to be cleaned up right away after a fire happens in a home. Smoke particles are the microscopic particles that have high tendency to float in air for a long time. Cleaning fire and smoke smell is one of the most important activities that is required after the fire has damaged your homes and other properties. When your home has sustained damage from fire and smoke, it is critical that any restoration work be conducted quickly and efficiently. How can you prepare yourself and your family for fire and smoke damage? First, call emergency services like 911 as soon as you needed help, most especially in case of fire. Second, extinguish any fuel source during fire and always ensure that you have a fire extinguisher near all heating system in the house. Third, after the fire has been extinguished, you must contact a smoke restoration professional to deodorize the smoke in your home and to assess the damage on your properties before you start cleaning. Fourth, you must wear protective gloves, facemasks, safety goggles and appropriate clothing before you start a clean up. Smoke particles can damage our respiratory system or may cause cardiovascular diseases and it better to prevent it from entering our system. Always remember that prevention is better than cure.

Professional Response to Disasters

Calamities occur but it does not necessarily mean that it will leave us helpless. We need to assess if we can deal with the aftermath or if we need to hire a professional. . There are few professional disaster response teams in Newtown and fire, flood and smoke cleaning service in Bristol, Twp.  We may also want to hire a service for water extraction company in Mercer County to remove all the water caused by flood and that had been used to fight fire. These professionals are trained to eliminate toxic chemicals and other risks caused by flood, smoke and fire. Remember that having a disaster plan is very important to ensure safety in our life and our family.

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