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4 Ways Theodolites Help Surveyors

Before construction begins or when someone needs to identify the legal boundaries of a certain property, surveyors use a theodolite to identify the topographic details of a piece of land or determine a structure’s location. Whether they use a theodolite rental or their own, one thing remains the same: Theodolites are essential optical instruments used in surveying. 

What is a Theodolite

Affixed on a compass tripod for stability, a theodolite consists of a telescope eyepiece, a vertical circle, upper and lower plates, the leveling head and a base. The base is used to connect the body to the tripod, while the telescope is responsible for the identification and aligning of an object. 

The use of this instrument in surveying dates back to the 1500s with several vintage theodolite still around today. Today, mechanical theodolites are still used by meteorological professionals. Most theodolites are now digital, featuring a more advanced internal magnifying optical system for better object alignment. 

Equipped with a more accurate measurement mechanism, this device can give you a precise measurement of both horizontal and vertical angles. The data produced by this instrument, which can be stored digitally, can be used to plot the position of an object in a particular area. 

How Theodolites Help Surveyors

With a trusty digital theodolite and a compass tripod in their arsenal, surveyors can carry on their tasks more smoothly. Here’s how theodolites help these professionals. 

They identify the real boundaries of a property. Evaluating the true boundary of a property is important in producing maps and documents such as wills and deeds. It also helps architects, engineers, and other construction personnel to come up with a construction design that will fit in with the land’s topography. Beyond construction, data about property boundaries can ultimately help owners protect their assets against encroachment. 

They can locate an object’s position even if it’s underground. Modern theodolites don’t just measure horizontal and vertical angles. As they can also extend lines between two points on the ground, surveyors can use them to determine and locate obstacles in the way — no matter the size, and whether it’s located above or underground. This is especially critical during a construction project, particularly in the site preparation stage. 

Most store accurate, electronic readings. They can digitally transmit data directly to a laptop computer while using a USB cord or via a Wi-Fi connection. This kind of data availability is very helpful whenever surveyors have to produce property descriptions or when they’re consulted by professionals working in the field of construction or cartography. 

They are essential in enabling professionals to maintain local codes and regulations. The accurate dimension of a piece of land, together with its topographical information, is important in helping professionals make informed decisions. It’s also vital in assuring the safety of a building that’s to be constructed. For instance, through theodolites, surveyors can help assess if the property is in a flood zone. With such critical information, engineers can create a workaround to help you build a structure that won’t be easily damaged by floods. 

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