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Big Guns Need to Be Precise

Veteran gunners and sergeant E5 gunmen alike need to know the significance of boresighting — which is the process of adjusting a military firearm to align the optical sight and the bore or the central part of the barrel. Army boresights, for instance, are manufactured to make sure that the military’s ammunitions are accurate when deployed from the barrel of any large gun. 

The Boresighting Process

When using a military boresight or any other boresighting tool for big guns, safety is always a priority. Make sure that the firearm is unloaded before removing the bolt. When boresighting, you also have to have a steady, level surface where the gun will rest and a target that is at least one hundred yards away. It can be a mark on a training field target. The smaller the target is, the better. 

Next, you will have to move the gun and adjust the scope until the target is just below the crosshair. Then set to zero so you would not lose the scope adjustments you’ve made. Replace the bolt afterward. 

Big guns and army boresights can be optically aligned using different tools, including the more sophisticated magnetic boresighters. Unlike conventional tools that are inserted in the barrel, these boresighters can be simply attached to the muzzle. They are especially helpful when adjusting big guns after a transport, a drop, or hard use. 

Boresighitng devices today are also now attached with a laser to provide a more accurate, convenient, and cost-effective way of sighting a wide range of big guns. Most army boresights are used by simply inserting them into the muzzle; a laser dot emitted by the device will show exactly where your gun aims. 

With most army boresighting tools, you won’t need to fire a shot to check the accuracy of your ammunition. 

Why It Matters

In the field of battle, every shot counts. If your gun barrel is not properly aligned, the munition is not only wasted but it could also be the difference of life and death.

When gunners shoot, they would want to hit their targets as precisely as possible. While this is less of a problem in smaller guns, shooting accuracy can be compromised in bigger guns like army tanks and naval ship guns. 

However, the problem is, many big guns have inherent imperfections. And because of lack of accuracy, even the most veteran shooters can make off-center shots. To help you zero in on your target when they’re within your range, having a military boresighting expert in your platoon is essential. 

In sectors where the use of big guns is imperative (such as in warfare) performing a military boresight is needed to help them lock their targets precisely. This will also help prevent inaccurate shootings from inflicting harm on others and damaging unintended targets. 

Boresighting is required for all types of military guns and is a highly helpful adjustment technique that saves a lot of time and money when applied. If you want to check the accuracy of your big gun, you won’t have to fire and waste expensive military munitions again. Once you master this process, you can sight your optic in a very efficient and cost-effective manner.

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