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Calibration and Repair for Surveying Equipment

The purpose of surveying — that is to gather accurate data on a specific land or site — will be defeated when you fail to calibrate your surveying equipment. instrument calibration services are vital because they make sure that your measuring devices are functioning properly. 

Why Calibrate

Surveyors use different instruments to collect data on distances. These include electronic distance measurement instruments, infrared wave instruments, lightwave instruments, and microwave instruments. Each has its own capabilities and prescribed maintenance regimens. 

Surveying equipment typically gets damaged because of misuse and mishandling. Other culprits include exposure to harsh elements (e.g., extreme weather conditions, humidity changes), vibrations, mechanical shock and electrical surges. Many surveyors also need repair of transits as their devices get damaged while going to or from work sites. 

If damages are not repaired, the surveying equipment can be the reason why your final measurements won’t meet your clients’ requirements. It’s not only costly to address, but it can also affect your reputation as a professional and/or as a business. 

Essential Tips

Here are practical tips on how you can maintain your tools.

Be diligent in calibrating your equipment. Subscribe to professional instrument calibration services that can return each device to the settings recommended by the manufacturer. Generally, calibration is needed every month depending upon the value of usage. Apart from calibration, you also have to clean your tools — regularly and adequately. When cleaning your devices, be proactive and inspect for any dents or cracks that need to be repaired immediately. 

Learn how to properly care for your surveying instruments. As stated, misuse and mishandling are common reasons why surveying devices drift to inaccuracy. This is why it’s imperative to read user manuals and educate yourself on how to handle these important devices. 

Invest in appropriate cases and storage solutions. When you require repair for optical tools like a transit, choose an instrument repair service that specializes in your brand. Additionally, you have to be extra cautious when transporting your instruments. Extreme climate conditions can also damage their functionality. Have a dedicated storage box and area for your surveying equipment. This will help prolong their lifespan and maintain their accuracy. 

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